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Xtrasun Authorized Dealer & Distributor

Light up your indoor garden with great products such as ballasts and reflectors from Xtrasun.

Xtrasun is a great vale high performance grow light horticulture manufacture. Their premium horticulture light, the Xtrasun DE Double-Ended Lighting System, offers the performance and versatility of a true DE system at a amazing affordable price! The system features an Xtrasun variable-wattage DE electronic ballast, multifaceted 95% European hammertone reflector, Vossloh-Schwabe lamp holders, and Xtrasun DE HPS lamp, it will put you in control of some very serious PAR power.

Xtrasun manufactures complete systems, outfitted with reflectors. They are compatible with either sodium (400W, 430W, 600W, 1000W) and halide (400W, 1000W) lamps, and deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth. Whatever your grow lighting needs, Xtrasun has everything you will need. This product is constructed from highly reflective European specular aluminum, the air-coolable Xtrasun AC reflectors are CSA-certified. This low-profile design is easy to use when changing out bulbs. You can also spec out and fully customize your setup with optional flanges, lens system, and lamp and cord set. All reflectors include hanging hardware and instructions. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has your back.

Xtrasun magnetic ballasts are equip with a unique patented aluminum housing, convection cooling, and exclusive lock & seal detachable in-line plug system—all of which contribute to reliable service at value prices.

Xstraum hosts an unparalleled commitment to providing superb products and backed by competitive pricing, Xtrasun is perfect growers of any range, amateur and expert alike. They feature a wide variety of horticulture grow light equipment, Xtrasun is a sure fire shot to have the products you need for your growing space. If you want to have a ballast that provides complete control? Then you will want to pick up the Xtrasun 1000W Convertible Ballast, 120/240V that allows seamless integration for both HPS and MH bulbs across both voltages.


Top-Rated Xtrasun Authorized Dealer & Supplier is a lighting distributor of Indoor & Outdoor Commercial and Residential light fixtures and light bulbs. Based in the US, we carry the top LED lighting brands like EiKORAB Lighting, MaxLitenaturaLED, Westgate Lighting and more of the Top Lighting Manufacturers in the United States. We also carry a wide variety of Horticulture products by Hydrofarm, along with ceiling fans by RP also provides rebate programs, expert lighting design advice, and lighting audits for large projects. As a wholesaler, authorized dealer and bulk distributor of lighting products, we take pride in our customer-focused 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy. 

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