Vapor Proof

Vapor Proof

What is a Vapor Proof Jelly Jar?

LED vapor proof jelly jars are exclusively designed from vapor proof glass to replace incandescent light bulbs and other light fixtures in high water pressure environments, hazardous environments. Our premium quality, long lasting and stylish vapor proof ceiling and wall fixtures are made to illuminate doorways, scaffolding, construction sites, emergency call stations and fire hydrants. Our HID jelly jars are crafted from polycarbonate lens that minimizes the loss of light as compared to other lighting products. Jelly jars can be mounted at heights lower than ordinary lights for easier maintenance.

Benefits of LED Vapor Proof Lighting

Brightness and longevity

1700 lumens are guaranteed by 20W LED Wall Mount Vapor Tight Jelly Jar. Our product comes with a warranty of 5 years and guarantees softer and cooler working.

High performance

The HPS jelly jars are made to replace 150 watt incandescent / 70 watt high intensity discharge. 4000K, gray color, and are perfect for wet locations.

Premium material

LED Vapor Tight Jelly Jars feature a heavy duty, die-cast aluminum housing and the screw-in tempered glass lens is protected from the elements by a die-cast wire guard.

Compact and protected

HID jelly jars are protected against water spray from all directions.  These moisture, & dust sealed LED vapor proof fixtures are also ideal for food processing plants, commercial laundromat lighting, coolers & freezers, tunnel lighting, and car washes etc. These can be employed in factories and wash bays, wherever high moisture and humidity is a factor.

What Are Vapor Proof Lights?

Vapor Proof Lights are designed to withstand areas where exposure to water, humidity or dust is an issue, Vapor Proof lights are made for indoor and outdoor applications. They are built for powerful lighting in harsh environments, protecting the light source from the environment. They protect the lighting source from hazards such as corrosive fumes, non-combustible dusts, moisture, non-explosive vapors and gases as well. These lights are sealed and gasketed to protect internal components from harsh environments as well as rust and corrosion.

Businesses and individuals can face many challenges when choosing ideal lighting for wet atmospheres. Vapor Proof and vapor proof lighting fixtures are specially designed to not only to provide protection and reliability for any space, but to save energy as well. These fixtures are suitable to keep moisture and vapors from entering inside the fixture at any time.

Energy-efficient Vapor Proof LED fixtures are built for powerful lighting in harsh environments, protecting the light source from dust, dirt, and moisture. The durable construction of the fixture features a full metal fixture liner, which is placed inside of a reinforced fiberglass housing with a high impact diffuser. With new generation LEDs (available in 35-50K) and drivers (0-10V), these fixtures are designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in interior and exterior locations such as car washes, airports, tunnels, parking garages, and other maintenance areas. They can be surface or chain mounted, are offered in 2 ft. and 4 ft. sizes with 30 and 50 wattages, and wet location rated.

Vapor Proof fixtures are not to be confused with vapor proof fixtures. Vapor proof LED fixtures are designed to replace incandescent and CFL fixtures with high-quality, long-lasting illumination over doorways, scaffolding, construction sites, fire hydrants and emergency call stations. They protect the lighting source from hazards such as corrosive fumes, non-combustible dusts, moisture, non-explosive vapors and gases as well.

Where are Vapor Proof lights used?

Vapor Proof light fixtures can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications that require durability, long life and water- and/or dust-resistance. They also protect against corrosion which affects the quality of light delivered. Examples are food service areas, car washes, parking garages, shopping centers, airports, stairwells and refrigeration rooms.

In the examples above, each has its own particular challenge that can be addressed using Vapor Proof light fixtures:

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