Post Top Lights

Post Top Lights

Outdoor Post Lights

Outdoor Light Posts and Post Lamps

Post lights provide not only dramatic accents and ambiance to your outdoor spaces - their light has another benefit: security. Lightening up your grounds, gardens, driveways and pathways is a relatively simple way to deter crime in and around your home. When you add an outdoor post light, you're not only improving your curb appeal, you are also adding an additional measure of security to your home.

Post Top Lights by Wave Lighting

LED Post lighting allows for versatile landscape and living space design. It's a great way to execute deck and patio lighting, illuminate a garden, entry ways, walkways, pathways or fulfill all of your outdoor lighting ideas. Browse through our collection of modern, exceptional outdoor post light fixtures, and have your home's exterior be as wonderful as its interior. 

What is Post Top Lighting?

Post top lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in roadways, pathways, parking lots, and commercial and educational campuses.  Decorative post top fixtures are generally used to provide illumination to areas for pedestrian and vehicle use and safety, with the most frequent attribute being that the light fixtures are mounted vertically to poles ranging from 7-20 feet high.  It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole, with the specific mounting method varying significantly.



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