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GREEN CREATIVE, founded in 2010, is a solid-state lighting development and manufacturing company based in Silicon Valley, CA. The company offers a comprehensive line of high-performance LED lighting solutions which has been widely adopted by some of the largest companies in the world.

Anchored by strong integrated R&D capabilities and patented technology, GREEN CREATIVE’s innovation, performance and reliability have been recognized year after year by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards, Edison Report, NAILD and more.

Built on a foundation of intense research and development capabilities and patented technology, Green Creative’s innovation, performance and reliability have been recognized year after year by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, Edison Report, NAILD and more. Specializing in retrofit lighting for over 10 years, Green Creative deliberately limits its products to only relevant one-to-one retrofit energy efficient solutions designed to save you money and reduce carbon emissions. Green Creative’s innovative technology and quick time to market ensure the company always offers the most advanced and competitive products, making it one of the most trusted and dependable brands in the industry today. At, we offer a complete line of Green Creative LED lamps to answer most interior lighting needs in residential and commercial applications.

Drastically reduce utility bills and boost energy efficiency with Green Creative products from Directional LED PAR’s, BR’s and MR16’s replace conventional halogen and incandescent lamps that contribute to high monthly electric bills. Non-directional LED A-shapes, filaments and decoratives seamlessly replace incandescents and CFLs without sacrificing light quality, and install easily in your existing fixture. Green Creative’s LED downlight retrofits offer the same light output as an incandescent and last 35 times longer. Green Creative offers a variety of color temperatures and light outputs, so you can choose what works best for you, and start saving today. Other retrofits include LED PL lamps available in a wide range of bases, wattages, and beam angles. Get the same shape, look and feel of the classic fluorescent lamps but with the savings of an energy efficient LED.

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