Satco Lighting: A Brief History

Satco Lighting is a well-established brand in the lighting industry, having been founded in 1966. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the leading providers of lighting products and electrical components. Satco Lighting is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and it has a reputation for delivering high-performance products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Product Categories

Satco Lighting offers a wide range of products that cater to a variety of needs. The company has several product categories, including:


Electrical Components

Lighting and Electrical Components

Satco Lighting offers a variety of lighting products and electrical components to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From indoor and outdoor lighting to LED lighting and decorative lighting, the company has a product for every application. Some of the most popular lighting products from Satco include:

In addition to lighting products, Satco also offers a range of electrical components, including ballasts, batteries, cords and cables, fuses and circuit breakers, and switches and dimmers. These components are designed to help ensure that electrical systems are functioning properly and efficiently. Your Source for Satco Lighting

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More About Satco|Nuvo

Satco|Nuvo is a privately held U.S. based lighting manufacturer headquartered in Brentwood, NY, with six dedicated distribution centers throughout the US including New York, Florida, California, Washington, Texas and Puerto Rico; with an additional 14 distribution centers located throughout Canada, US  and Mexico.

Built on the traditional values of loyalty, reputation and hard work; and grown on the principle of being able to supply our customers with quality products and unsurpassed service, our over 1.5 million square feet of warehousing ensure that we are continually able to meet the supply and demand of the lighting market. 

History of Satco Lighting

In 1965, two brothers-in-law, Herb Gildin and Lou Kauffman, became partners in a small distribution business called Sattlelight Wholesalers, Inc., run out of a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY -- a business that would one day become a distinctive name in the lighting industry, Satco|Nuvo.  

From the beginning, hard work, loyalty, respect and fortitude saw Sattlelight flourish. By 1968 the need to establish its own offices led to the opening of Sattlelight's first official headquarters in Elmont, New York.  And, as success continued, a second location was opened in Miami, FL soon thereafter.

By the mid '70s Sattlelight Wholesalers, now located in Westbury, NY, had become Sattlelight Products Inc. (1977) and saw continued growth in its business and product lines. 

By 1987, the partners moved to Heartland Park in Brentwood, one of the first businesses to open up in the newly formed industrial park.  The area afforded Sattlelight Products, now officially Satco Products, Inc., the room it needed for expansion. 

Heartland remains Satco's headquarters today, and is not only our headquarters but the location of Satco's New York warehouse and the Satco training center, but Satco continued to expand all over North America.

In 1988, Satco opened its 48-bay warehouse in Dallas, TX; in 1999, Mukilteo, WA; Hayward, CA in 2000 and Puerto Rico in 2002.  Canada in 2017 and Mexico, 2019.

Satco's product lines expanded as well, with new factories and product additions and, in 2009, the  acquisition of Hygrade. The addition of Hygrade expanded Satco's product offerings and footprint in the commercial marketplace.

In 2005, Satco introduced NUVO Lighting to its offering.  With an incomparable understanding of the light source the logical progression of LED fixtures and lamps was an easy and instant progression for the lighting manufacturer. Today, NUVO lighting represents one of the biggest offerings of LED fixtures in the country.

The company continues to flourish and grow on the principals it was founded.  The ability to service our customer in product and partnership with dignity and principle.  We offer LED lamps, LED fixtures, traditional lamps decorative fixtures, task lighting, functional lighting, commercial, industrial, residential lamps...we are a single resource for lighting solutions.

Satco was proudly started by a single family and has grown into a family of its own on the values and tradition that began Sattlelight many years ago. 

One of the largest, privately owned companies in the lighting industry, Satco is headed by Bill Gildin, President, CEO and son of founder Herb Gildin, and Rhonda Grobman, Treasurer and daughter of founder Lou Kauffman.  They carry on their fathers' traditions and legacies today.

Satco is a leading supplier of lighting products, with solutions for nearly every lighting market across the commercial, residential and industrial landscape. With over 1.5 million square feet of inventory throughout North America, and thousands of products ranging from light bulbs and LED technologies to decorative fixtures, smart lighting and even lighting components, Satco® is the single resource for all of your lighting needs.

The Satco lighting collection at Lighting New York brings innovation and energy efficiency to every room of your home. Browse this collection for a variety of indoor and outdoor options, plus a wide selection of light bulbs to illuminate your life.

Indoor Ceiling Lights

Flush mount and recessed ceiling lights provide discreet ambient lighting to any room. Browse this collection for high-quality options that fill your kitchen, living room, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms with dimmable, energy-efficient light that keeps the focus on your furnishings and décor. 

Indoor Portable Lights

Satco takes portable lighting to task with stylish and versatile options to complement any interior design. Find floor lamps with clean lines and adjustable goosenecks alongside desk lamps that provide a well-lit work space. From classic drafting lamps to thoroughly contemporary lights that look like modern art, this brand delivers timeless task lighting. 

Outdoor String Lights

Create brilliant outdoor living spaces with stylish and energy-efficient string lights from our Satco lighting collection. When it comes to planning proper outdoor lighting, string lights add a festive and finishing touch with almost no effort and minimal investment. Find your nighttime inspiration in this brand’s outdoor innovations.

Satco Designer Collections

The Satco brand is all about lighting solutions that illuminate a better life for you and your family. Whether it’s the Heartland Collection of overhead and portable lights with Energy Star qualification or the Signature Collection of LED bulbs for a wide range of applications, you’ll find thoughtful design and meaningful energy management at the forefront of this brand’s collections.

Satco Lighting Spotlights

Showcase your artwork, task areas or architecture with indoor spotlights from Satco. Choose sleek white, black or chrome options that offer directional versatility to customize the brilliance along with dimmable capabilities and a variety of bulb choices.

Satco Light Bulbs & Accessories

Satco lighting is a solutions-based brand dedicated to contributing quality and convenience to the lighting industry. Browse our collection for a variety of high-quality light bulb choices, including hundreds of LED styles for almost any application, alongside unique halogen bulbs, colorful and quirky incandescent choices, and bi-pin fluorescents for ballasts. All qualifying Satco lighting orders ship free from Lighting New York.

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