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Commercial Indoor Lighting

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Commercial lighting is lighting used for commercial spaces such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals and government buildings, essentially those spaces that are not residential, industrial or for manufacturing. Compared to other types of lighting, commercial lighting tends to have a higher initial cost, longer lifespan, better durability, higher maintenance and service costs and better energy saving options.

In commercial buildings, accomplishing a task or activity is generally the most important function. A lighting design company should create designs that reflect the type of activity performed in the building to ensure that people working in the space are comfortable and that the lux level requirements and energy efficiency standards are suitable.

When MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) engineering design teams work with lighting consultants to select designs for a commercial space, some of the aspects that must be considered include; the illuminance of the space, the application for which the space will be used, the type of light fixture appropriate for the space and application and the lux level requirements based on guidelines and codes.

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Types of light fixtures for commercial lighting design

When selecting light fixtures in commercial lighting design, their characteristics, application and function must be considered. Commonly-used commercial lighting design fixtures include T5 and compact fluorescent lights, however, given the reduction in prices, LED light fixtures are starting to be preferred.

To understand the type of light fixture best suited for a commercial space, the following descriptions may be useful:

Tubular Fluorescent Light Fixtures

This type of light fixture, based on traditional fluorescent technology, is typically set into ceilings and covered with a frosted lens. Depending on the amount of lighting required in the commercial space, standard fluorescent lights usually have one to four bulbs. They are regarded as one of the longer-lasting and more energy-efficient options for commercial lighting design.

Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures

As a replacement for incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lighting is also built from traditional fluorescent technology and has a compact internal ballast. While it is as energy efficient as tubular fluorescent lighting, the light emitted provides a better natural white colour perception. It is commonly used in lighting application for tasks and downlight lamps in commercial spaces.

T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Suitable for troffer or high bay (high ceiling) applications, T5 fluorescent light fixtures are often considered the best option for commercial lighting designs because they have a long life and their maintenance requirements are minimal. While the T5 fluorescent fixtures were designed with fluorescent lamps sources, they are now more often designed to accommodate LED bulbs.

LED Light Fixtures

In the recent years, LED light fixtures have been widely adopted because they consume less power and have a longer operational life. While the initial adoption of LED fittings was a challenge, the reduction in cost, almost as low as T5 and fluorescent light fixtures, has led to an increase in preference for LED lighting fixtures in commercial lighting design.

Ceiling Light Features & Commercial Regulations

  1. ADA compliance - The Americans with Disabilities Act created a catalog of standards for lighting to keep the fixtures within reach to all and avoid accidental injury. These lights are designed to comply with standards such as those that reduce eye strain or that when properly installed can ensure accessible operation. 
  2. Dimming - Ceiling lights with dimmable settings allow you to safely and reliably change the light intensity to match the mood and the activity. 
  3. Energy Star Certified - Energy Star approved fixtures can reduce electricity consumption and lower your power bill over time.
  4. Motion sensors - Particularly useful in bathrooms, hallways, or patios, motion sensors save on electricity use by turning on only while someone is using the area.
  5. Sloped ceiling compatible - Sloped ceilings can be difficult to hang light fixtures from due to the limitations of downrods and ceiling angles. Ceiling lights can install flat against the ceiling surface, whatever the angle. 

How to Choose the Best Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Are you interested in buying lights for your company, client or project but aren’t sure how to go about it? Look no further!

Commercial lighting fixtures have been around for ages. They help businesses look professional while letting employees focus on their work. There’s a wide variety to choose from, so it can be difficult to determine what to get.

When starting a business, many owners aren’t aware of the precautions to take before investing in lights. Choosing the right fixture is important because you can distract your employees if you don’t.

Don’t waste your time and money! Read on to learn how to invest in commercial lighting fixtures the right way.


Depending on what type of environment your workplace is, you’ll want to choose a brightness that will help employees focus on their work. Using dim lights will make it difficult for employees to see things and stay focused.

If your property is a large warehouse, you’ll need to get lights that will be bright enough to cover large areas. Keep in mind that a warehouse typically has a high ceiling, so a small recessed light wouldn’t be able to light up the place.

You should also ensure that you don’t get something bright enough to strain eyes. One of the best options you can get is fluorescent bulbs because they are comfortable and resemble natural lighting.


After deciding on the proper brightness, choosing the right color is the second most important step. Because you’re looking for commercial recessed lighting, you’ll need to invest in lights that are neutral in color.

Aside from having neutral color, ensure that your lights don’t flash in any way. When you have something that shows too much color, it will be easy for employees to get distracted.

A neutral color will enforce the idea that employees are there to work and not have fun. While you can decorate certain areas with colors like red or blue, you’ll want the work environment to have a sense of professionalism. Save the colors for a break room or hangout area.

Research Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Commercial recessed lighting offers businesses some of the best lighting fixtures. They get rid of hanging bulbs and line lights up with the ceiling. If you walk into an office and look at the ceiling, you’ll see that the lights look like panels in the ceiling.

Some places like to choose different lighting fixtures to reflect the mood of their business, so you must research a variety of them. Many businesses specialize in skylight technologies to provide a plethora of fixture options of various sizes.

There is a large variety of LED bulbs for recessed lights if you’d like to incorporate color into your workplace, but you can also opt for the fluorescent bulbs. Recessed lights allow your workplace to be aesthetic while also promoting productivity.

Measure your Area

Before you go out and start buying fixtures, you’ll need to take measurements of each room that you’ll be adding them to. If you’re having difficulty choosing lights, having the measurements will narrow down your choices.

If you don’t measure, you’ll end up with a fixture that’s too large or small and will have wasted money. Measure the height of each room and the ceiling. In many cases, an area like a front desk room will have a different height than the main area.

If you wanted to get something like a chandelier, having a high ceiling wouldn’t make the chandelier look pleasing. These small factors will make a huge difference when it comes to the aesthetic of your business.

Find a Balance with Lighting

Getting the proper light fixtures is more than just choosing a light based on color and measurements. When you start investing in commercial lighting fixtures, you’ll need to ensure that the work environment has layered lighting.

With your measurements, ensure that you get fixtures that will evenly distribute light across the workplace. Having gaps will produce shadowy areas, causing distraction and reducing consistent light.

If your business has natural light, you’ll want to consider that when applying the fixtures. You should also consider the areas will employees will get most of their work done.

In an area where employees will be working at a table, you need fixtures that will direct the light towards the tables. Just like with this rest of the building, this light shouldn’t be blinding but should be bright enough for employees to focus on what they’re doing, especially if they’re handling small parts.

You can also invest in table lamps and other forms of lighting to better accommodate those that are working at tables. Having a dim room with a focused light on the table will let employees have an easier time paying attention.


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