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Growing Marijuana indoor, Horticulture is the science and art of the development, sustainable production, marketing, and use of high-value, intensively cultivated food and ornamental plants. Horticultural crops are diverse; they include annual and perennial species, delicious fruits and vegetables, and decorative indoor and landscape plants. These specialty crops help sustain and enrich our lives by providing nutritious food, enhancing the beauty of our homes and communities and reducing our carbon footprint.

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Grow Lights

grow light is an artificial light to help plants grow. Grow lights either attempt to provide a light spectrum similar to that of the sun, or to provide a spectrum that is more tailored to the needs of the plants being cultivated. Outdoor conditions are mimicked with varying color, temperatures and spectral outputs from the grow light, as well as varying the intensity of the lamps. Depending on the type of plant being cultivated, the stage of cultivation (e.g. the germination/vegetative phase or the flowering/fruiting phase), and the photoperiod required by the plants, specific ranges of spectrum, luminous efficacy and color temperature are desirable for use with specific plants and time periods.

Grow Tents

A grow tent is a tall but compact tent with reflective interior walls that can fit into most coat closets. The best grow tents are lightproof, waterproof and feature foil-covered walls and airtight vents. Inside there’s space to hang a grow light, set a few plants and attach a fan. Mostly grow tents are used for people raising high-dollar crops that they produce for personal use. Grow tents are too small for any sort of industrial use. 

Since grow tents are so small and isolated from other plants, they tend to be relatively pest and disease free. Your only concern should be that the plants inside get enough air circulation to avoid mold and fungus.

Supplement the plants in your grow tent by adding liquid and granular nutrients, which provide valuable energy for your plants’ multiple growth stages.

Plant Growing Nutrients & Additives

Lightingandsupplies.com stocks a rich selection of 100% organic plant nutrients, additives, and supplements to help your plants grow. We source and extensively field-test nutrients from reputable manufacturers like Advanced Nutrients, Grotek, Loveland Products, Veg+Bloom, Botanicare, Nectar For The Gods, and many more! Hydrofarm is known for its wide variety of brands and horticulture inventory.

Our wide range of nutrients will feed your plants at every stage of their development, from the initial growth phase all the way through their final blooms. We also carry soil amendments and nutrition supplements of all kinds, including calcium nitrate and magnesium, humic and fulvic acids, and much more. We provide growers with wholesale garden supplies that will ensure your plants thrive and reach their fullest potential. Our nutrients, supplements and additives are available in a wide range of volumes and sizes, so any grower can find an adequate and affordable solution. Seek a medical marijuana doctor in Maryland for more information regarding these facts.


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