NaturaLED Distributor

NaturaLED® manufactures the finest LED product solutions for your commercial, industrial and residential projects. They offer a complete line of indoor and outdoor products designed for a variety of applications. So if you're looking for high-quality, reliable lighting solutions for your office, retail space, manufacturing facility, warehouse or even your home, NaturaLED has an energy-efficient product to fit your needs.

NaturaLED® was founded in 2009 in Ontario, California and manages over 180,000 sq.ft. warehouse, distribution, office, research and development space. We offer customized lighting products that overcome problems like energy usage, industrial heat, dirty environments, harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. With warehouses located in California, Texas, North Carolina and Canada, the NaturaLED® brand serves North American customers quickly and efficiently. At NaturaLED®, we turn lighting into savings.

For years, NaturaLED has utilized robust LED technology to provide top-rated environmentally responsible LED lamps for general, commercial, and outdoor lighting applications. NaturaLED LED technology enables them to offer products that are reliable and eco-friendly, with longer life hours and significant energy savings over equivalent light bulbs.

As a NaturaLED wholesaler, offers a wide variety of DLC certified fixtures, as well as indoor recessed bays and downlights. All of their fixtures, indoor lights, outdoor lights, and wall packs are LED-based, with a number of their products being ENERGY STAR or Dark Night Sky certified. Whether you’re lighting a city street, an office, or a room in your house, NaturaLED has a fixture to suit your application.

Pathway Lighting

Contemporary and sleek LED Bollard and Post Top lighting provides safety and security solutions, but also creates curb appeal and beautiful lightscapes.

Sports Lighting

High performance, compact and energy-saving LED sports light fixtures replace traditional HID lamp-based systems. These solutions enhance the spectators experience, improve the athletes visual acuity and reduce the venue's light pollution and operating costs.

LED Lamps

Easy to install energy solutions are achievable by simply switching to LED replacement lamps. They're available in a wide variety of styles and color temperature options making them ideal for homes, offices and retail.

Industrial Lighting

Durability and performance is paramount when operating in high-heat, humid, dirty and dusty environments. Our industrial LED lighting provides critical solutions to US steel, paper, glass, rubber and other industrial manufacturers.


Top-Rated NaturaLED Distributor & Supplier is a lighting distributor of Indoor & Outdoor Commercial and Residential light fixtures and light bulbs. Based in the US, we carry the top LED lighting brands like EiKORAB Lighting, MaxLitenaturaLED, Westgate Lighting and more of the Top Lighting Manufacturers in the United States. We also carry a wide variety of Horticulture products by Hydrofarm, along with ceiling fans by RP also provides rebate programs, expert lighting design advice, and lighting audits for large projects. As a wholesaler, authorized dealer and bulk distributor of lighting products, we take pride in our customer-focused 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy. 

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