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Top Commercial & Residential Lighting Manufacturers in the USA


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Best Lighting Products:

Best Lighting Products, Inc. manufactures emergency and exit lighting products. It also offers emergency ballasts and recessed lighting products; and accessories, such as bubble guards, wire guards, remote lamp heads, and retrofit kits. The company serves OEM customers and OEM lighting suppliers around the world.

Best Lighting products was founded in 1997 in Pataskala, Ohio. Best Lighting provides high quality service to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers and OEM lighting suppliers globally. 

Best Lighting manufactures emergency and exit sign lighting products, in addition to emergency ballasts and recessed lighting products with the associated accessories, such as bubble guards, wire guards, remote lamp heads, and retrofitting kits. Best Lighting has retail story and lighting manufactures through the United States and has an engineering and manufacturing facility Guangdong City, China. 

Best Lighting Product is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing indoor and outdoor LED lighting, life safety, emergency lighting and exit signs. Best Lighting most up to date product lines include LED exit sign lamp combo, CLPU Lightpipe and DBEL outdoor emergency lights. They also offer top of the line emergency ballasts and recessed lighting products.

Best Lighting Products is open and shipping the essential lighting products for distribution and construction

Big Beam Lighting:

Chicago based Big Beam Emergency Systems, manufactures top quality emergency exit lights & signs used in Commercial, Industrial, NEMA, & Nuclear areas.

Big Beam: Emergency Lighting ("Big Beam"), is a household name in the emergency lighting industry. Founded in 1938, Big beam has earned an invaluable reputation in the electrical lighting industry by pioneering a superiorly innovative approach to bring top quality life safety product through the world with its discerning engineers, contractors, and distributors. 

Big Beam's campus in Crystal Lake, Illinois dedicates themselves to providing great quality products in tandem with offering the best possible level of customer service. As a manufacturer, Big Beam permeates a "Total Quality Concept" for everything they produce. Big Beam manufacture products specifically designed for use in emergencies. Big Beam refuses to lower the standards of the quality of their products even in as competitive pressures dictate the use of cheaper and less capable units. Big Beams business is based on the quality of its products and performance, so much so that their name breeds trust in its customers and that trust is something Big Beam will never violate.

Big Beam provides an exclusive lifetime warranty for its premier products such as Big Beam Emergency Lights, Exit Signs and portable lanterns that no other manufacturer can match. Big Beam is also a Full Product Line Manufacturer. They provide over 50 series of standard emergency lighting products. This provides its customers with more solutions to critical life safety lighting issues than any other manufacturer and covers the full spectrum of categories from commodity to industrial special use products.

From Grainger

(re-word) Emergency lighting and accessories provide light and mark exits to help prevent injuries in emergency situations such as a power failure. Emergency lights turn on when the power goes out to supply a limited amount of light for those within the building. They're typically used along with exit signs to aid building evacuations. Lightsticks are a temporary light source that people can carry to find exits, conduct searches, signal for help, and direct traffic. Emergency lighting accessories include battery backup and standby power systems to keep lights on during a power outage.

Designer's Fountain Pro Plus // DFPP Lighting:

Designers Fountain has been designing and manufacturing decorative and functional lighting products since 1982. DF lighting fixtures are readily available through a large network of authorized lighting showrooms, distributors, major national retail chains, and online retailers. Categories include decorative interior and exterior lighting, area & security, and track lighting. Products are built to the highest quality andenergy efficiency standards according to the latest styles. Designers Fountain is an award winning industry leader in cutting edge LED design and technology. Browse our LED offerings for the latest in modern lighting styles.

Designers Fountain is a leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative and functional residential lighting and ceiling fans. From a timeless Barcelona chandelier to a modern Montague wall sconce, Designers Fountain has the breadth of style you're looking for. Designers Fountain also offers, ceiling fans, bath lights, pendants, ceiling fixtures, track lighting and outdoor lanterns.

Designers Fountain, an award winning industry leader in cutting edge LED technology design, was established in 1982 and has been designing and manufacturing amazing decorative and functional lighting products ever since. Designer Fountain lighting fixtures and distributed around the country through our vast network of distributors, showrooms, and online retailers including Lighting and Supplies). 

Designers Fountain products a large category of lights including but not limited to: decorative interior and exterior lighting, are & Security, and track lighting. Designers Fountain always strives to provide products that are built to the best possible quality and superior energy efficiency standards in accord to the latest trends in style and fashion. Designers Fountain takes the approach to decorative lighting that lighting is the jewelry of architecture and home design. 

Designers Fountain provides lighting for every room in your home from bathroom lights, stairwell lights, foyer, hallway, living room, outdoor patio and more! If you shop with Designers Fountain you are sure to find the perfect fixture for your room and deliver the best first impression on anyone who enters it.


EiKO Global, LLC is a US owned and operated lighting manufacturer with offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, and APAC. For over 40 years, we've been fulfilling the lighting needs of commercial and industrial end-users as a leading supplier of high-quality Intelligent Fixtures and Wireless Controls, value-engineered LED fixtures and lamps, as well as a broad range of traditional lighting products.

In 2019, EiKO expanded into the market of Intelligent Fixtures and Wireless Controls with the purchase of Xeleum. Since then, we are continuously expanding our offerings through the Xi-Fi Wireless Controls System, as well as establishing several key partnerships. This allows for a broader range of technology platforms to be seamlessly integrated into our existing fixture portfolio.

EiKO delivers LED Fixtures and retrofit kits for indoor and outdoor applications, designed to replace conventional lighting systems. Indoor products include high bays, slim panels, troffers, strips, canopies, and downlight kits; while outdoor products include flood, area, high bay, vapor tight, and wallpacks.

EiKO provides retrofit and replacement solutions with LED Lamps in a variety of shapes, wattages, and color temperatures. From HID replacement, tubes, decorative, A-lamps, PARs, BRs, MRs and even miniatures, we have LED energy-saving products for any application.

EiKO offers Traditional Product including linear and compact fluorescents, HIDs, halogens, incandescents, and other specialty lighting solutions.

What sets EiKO apart from the competition? We are dedicated to our key distribution partners through offering Best-In-Class operational service along with our value-added Suite of Services including: Lighting Layout Tools, a Utility Rebate Tracker, an ROI Calculator, Product Search & Cross Tools, Project Financing Options, an In-House Fixture Modification Program, and Industry-Leading Warranties.

When you partner with EiKO, you are partnering with a dedicated resource to make lighting easy.

Envirolite (bought by Designer's Fountain):

The folks at EnviroLite are in the business of manufacturing and distributing high quality, low price, environmentally friendly LED lighting fixtures for homes and commercial buildings.

We start by taking the most common design elements and creating integrated LED fixtures that use built in LED light engines to produce light. With an EnviroLite fixture, you will see a sleek, modern version of a classic light fixture when the light is turned off. When the light is turned on, you will enjoy an even light distribution; this means no dark spots or shadows in the lens like you would see using incandescent, CFL, or LED bulbs. And, you can put your ladder away because there are no light bulbs to replace, ever! The best part is that all this light comes to you at the lowest energy consumption and cost available because LED is the most efficient technology available.

Once an EnviroLite LED fixture is designed and built, it goes through rigorous testing and approval by 3rd parties.

  • Design Lights Consortium
  • UL Laboratories
  • ETL
  • California CEC for Title 24

To bring you the best online retail price, we have our website compile the pricing from all of our major online retailers. Each product page will show you where you can find our fixtures and at what price. The folks at EnviroLite have been making light fixtures for over 30 years. You can find EnviroLite LED fixtures at major retailers such as The Home Depot. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website and will leave a positive online review once you have tried one of our LED light fixtures.

Espen Technology:

Espen Technology is dedicated to delivering sustainable and environmentally progressive lighting solutions. As a manufacturer and designer of high efficiency lighting products, Espen continually strives to improve the efficiency of lighting technology. Our products reflect an emphasis on sustainability, quality, and reliability. Our product development is driven by a simple commitment: to improve people’s lives and build a better future for generations to come.

We, at Espen Technology, strive to design and produce the most competitive products on the market. Our Engineers, Designers, and Manufacturers pride themselves on the ability to create quality products. All of our products are put through stringent testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the best finished products.

Our LED drivers, LED lamps, LED modules, ballasts, and fluorescent lamps are complemented by an industry-leading warranty policy. The goal is to offer our customers and end-users an invaluable asset: peace of mind. With an emphasis on quality and a focus on efficiency, Espen Technology’s engineers have developed a whole line of LED drivers, LED lamps and LED modules that are worthy of the latest LED luminaries. High efficiency, advanced thermal management, increased life, and versatility in form create the ultimate LED systems for today’s most advanced LED lighting. Stringent component qualification and quality control guarantee a long life and increased overall system longevity.

Euri Lighting:

For LED lighting the future is now, and Euri lighting is keeping up to speed. All of our LED Bulbs and Fixtures save over 80% more energy than traditional lighting without sacrificing bright light quality. Geared towards our customers, we are proud to offer limited warranties and affordable pricing for all Euri Lighting products.

Euri Lighting is a division of leading force in LED solutions, IRtronix. Established in 2000, IRtronix specializes in UV LED components and power semiconductors. Born out of the idea to make energy-efficient lighting products accessible for all, Euri Lighting is leading the charge in technology and innovation.

As a manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly LED lighting products, we strive to continue saving energy while illuminating residential and commercial spaces. Every Euri Lighting LED bulb is manufactured by the highest standards, tested to ensure quality performance, and guaranteed to last longer and save energy with every use.

Euri Lighting strives to give light to consumers and maintain the most eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives to traditional lighting. We are making a difference one bulb at a time. We welcome you to view our products and get bright ideas for life.

Green Creative:

GREEN CREATIVE, founded in 2010, is a solid-state lighting development and manufacturing company based in Sanford, FL. The company offers a comprehensive line of high-performance LED lighting solutions which has been widely adopted by some of the largest companies in the world.

Anchored by strong integrated R&D capabilities and patented technology, GREEN CREATIVE’s innovation, performance and reliability have been recognized year after year by the Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report, the LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards, Edison Report, NAILD and more.

GREEN CREATIVE brings to our clients solution-ready products through our national distribution channels and service points. With the complete and pre-certified product lines, we simply bring you what needed for your lighting project, whether it is complete new construction or retrofit program, whether in Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Office or Education & Industrial sectors. Contact our nation-wide distribution centers and sales networks and get your projects done!


Hydrofarm has a 40 year proven track record of empowering growers as an experienced independent specialty gardening wholesaler and manufacturer. We have over 200 team members and eight distribution centers across North America.

Our mission is to provide professional on time service, delivery, and value by offering the right gardening products, innovation, and expertise to make your indoor, hydroponic, organic and/or greenhouse efforts easier and more productive. We have one of the largest product offerings in the industry with over 5,000 skus from lighting solutions to nutrients to grow mediums— everything growers need to ensure their operations are maximizing efficiency, output and quality.

Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives are available between 9am and 6pm PST via phone as well as online Chat.

Keystone Technologies:

Keystone Technologies was founded more than 75 years ago by Marvin Spielman and Harold Fox, brothers-in-law returning home from World War II. Fluorescent lighting was just becoming a popular, energy-efficient alternative to incandescent, so the two budding entrepreneurs formed Keystone at A and Cortlandt Streets in Philadelphia with a singular focus on manufacturing ballasts and transformers. At the time, several of the lighting industry’s key fixture manufacturers called Philadelphia home: Keystone Lighting, Simkar, Crescent Lighting, Progress Lighting, and Sea Gull Lighting. Keystone quickly became a strategic supplier for their ballast and transformer needs.

And Evolved To Drivers…

With the advent of LED technology, we expanded our product offer beyond ballasts to include LED drivers. This was a natural transition for the company as drivers are similar in role and design to ballasts. Keystone was able to apply years of expertise in ballast manufacturing to quickly develop high quality drivers for a wide variety of applications.

And Then To LED Modules And Light Engines…

Keystone’s business grew significantly along with the demand for LED drivers. It was not a big leap to start producing our own modules and Light Engines, which gave us the ability to customize complete LED systems to meet individual customer demands. Keystone has become a primary supplier for a variety of OEM accounts, who have diverse needs and product requirements.

LED Boards Lead To LED Tubes

It wasn’t too long before a Keystone engineer slipped an LED board into a tube and Keystone’s LED lamp business was born. Keystone saw immediate success with both SmartDrive (plug & play) and DirectDrive (ballast bypass) technologies. We have established ourselves as a leading resource for an ever-growing list of LED lamp types including linear, compact and HID. LED products represent the fastest growing segment of our business and we are striving each day to bring you the latest in LED lamp technology.

MaxLite Distributor

MaxLite has been committed to providing energy-efficient lighting products to the commercial building, residential and OEM markets since 1993.

They are a five-time recipient of the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for our industry leadership, and continue to be at the forefront of energy efficient technologies through the innovative research and development capabilities of our facilities and teams in New Jersey, California and Indiana.

One of the first movers into LED technology in the industry, MaxLite offers an extensive line of quality, certified indoor and outdoor LED lamps and luminaires. MaxLite stands behind their products with the highest standards of quality assurance and customer support.

MaxLite LED products are LM-79 and LM-80 tested, UL or ETL listed, and backed by industry-leading warranties. Most MaxLite LED products are certified by ENERGY STAR®, DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program.

Maxlite has been a well-known name in the lighting industry since 1993. They were one of the first companies to make the move into using LED technology. With facilities and teams in New Jersey, California and Indiana, Maxlite is committed to providing energy efficient lighting products to the residential and commercial building markets. In fact, their commitment to efficiency is so great, they’ve won the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award five times over. Maxlite manufactures an extensive line of high quality, certified indoor and outdoor LED lamps and fixtures. Backed by industry-leading warranties and UL Listed, most Maxlite LED products are certified ENERGY STAR®, DesignLights Consortium® (DLC), and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program.

Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor, Maxlite products will improve the quality of light and generate higher energy savings for your home or business. At, we offer a curated selection of Maxlite’s economy grade LED lamps and fixtures for residential and commercial applications. Outdoor fixtures include flood and area lights, security lighting, lanterns and bollars; all designed to replace old and outdated HID. Maxlite’s indoor commercial fixtures are ideal for schools and universities, offices and medical buildings, industrial parks and civil service headquarters. Incorporating efficient lighting systems can improve productivity, provide added safety and security, and bring a positive long term environmental impact. 


As the signature brand of Fanlight Corporation, NaturaLED® is home to high performance LED lighting. Using manufacturing technology and product development expertise, the NaturaLED team has built a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. NaturaLED® has been thoughtfully designed for residential and commercial projects for both indoor and outdoor LED applications like; retail, office, warehouse, factory and industrial locations.

Fanlight Corporation is an Original Equipment Manufacturer with 40 years of expertise delivering top quality products that exceed the highest standards of excellence. Housed on a state-of-the-art corporate campus with a 755,000 square ft. research and development facility, Fanlight is the largest manufacturer of HID lamps in the world and a leader in solid state lighting technologies. Fanlight Corporation is home to over 1500 employees. With 4 decades of experience in lighting design and market research, the Fanlight team understands lighting.

NaturaLED® manufactures the finest LED product solutions for your commercial, industrial and residential projects. They offer a complete line of indoor and outdoor products designed for a variety of applications. So if you're looking for high-quality, reliable lighting solutions for your office, retail space, manufacturing facility, warehouse or even your home, NaturaLED has an energy-efficient product to fit your needs.

NaturaLED® was founded in 2009 in Ontario, California and manages over 180,000 sq.ft. warehouse, distribution, office, research and development space. We offer customized lighting products that overcome problems like energy usage, industrial heat, dirty environments, harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. With warehouses located in California, Texas, North Carolina and Canada, the NaturaLED® brand serves North American customers quickly and efficiently. At NaturaLED®, we turn lighting into savings.

Pathway Lighting

Contemporary and sleek LED Bollard and Post Top lighting provides safety and security solutions, but also creates curb appeal and beautiful lightscapes.

Sports Lighting

High performance, compact and energy-saving LED sports light fixtures replace traditional HID lamp-based systems. These solutions enhance the spectators experience, improve the athletes visual acuity and reduce the venue's light pollution and operating costs.

LED Lamps

Easy to install energy solutions are achievable by simply switching to LED replacement lamps. They're available in a wide variety of styles and color temperature options making them ideal for homes, offices and retail.

Industrial Lighting

Durability and performance is paramount when operating in high-heat, humid, dirty and dusty environments. Our industrial LED lighting provides critical solutions to US steel, paper, glass, rubber and other industrial manufacturers.

Nora Lighting:

Illuminating the future…since 1989

Jilla and I founded Nora Lighting in 1989, only two years after fleeing religious persecution in Iran.

At our inception we had a 1000 sq. ft. warehouse, four SKUs (two cans and two trims) and two full time employees – Jilla and another individual.

In 1993, I decided to leave my full time job to join Jilla in managing Nora Lighting. One year later, we relocated Nora Lighting to a larger 6000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Over the subsequent twelve years, Jilla and I, and our amazing Nora family, worked tirelessly in adding new products to our line, expanding our internal team, adding new rep agencies, and growing our customer base and in 1996 relocated a third time into a much larger 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

With continued hard work from our team, our reps, and loyalty from our customers, we continued to grow and in 2001 purchased our 150,000 sq. ft. current facility in Commerce, California.

Today, we are proud of our catalog of over 40,000 SKUs, our broad customer base, many of which have grown side by side with us, our exceptional network of sales agents across the commercial and showroom divisions of our business, and our Nora family, now over 150 people strong.

At our headquarters, we have a full R&D facility, equipped with the latest technology for developing our growing portfolio of LED fixtures, five assembly lines to build and modify products to meet our customers’ needs, a brand new QC office and testing facility, and are proud to announce the building of our brand new Nora Showroom and Training Center, to be completed in 2019.

When we started Nora Lighting thirty years ago, we never could have pictured the company that it is today. We are proud to have stayed true to our core values of service, quality, and value throughout the decades. We are proud to be a family owned and operated business, with our second generation (our youngest daughter, Neda, middle name, Nora) joining us six years ago. Most of all, we are proud and humbled to have been trusted by you, our customers and our reps.

Jilla, Neda, and I, and the entire Nora family thank you all for your continued support and look forward to the next thirty years!

– Fred Farzan, President

Our Brands: The Top Lighting and Electrical Supply Manufacturers

When it comes to commercial, residential, and industrial lighting solutions, you need names you can trust. At, we are committed to compiling a wide variety of inventory of lighting solutions from the best lighting manufacturers in the United States. Whether in search of solutions for a construction need, or a more energy efficient lighting solution for your own home or office, we have an option to fit every lighting need imaginable.

In order for us to offer a brand of lighting solutions from our light manufacturers to our valued customers, the products must meet a few guidelines. Quality of a product is determined by how well the application has been manufactured, as well as how long a solution will operate to the benefit of the consumer. The matter of durability is based on the strength and quality of the materials used to create the solution. Performance is another area we look at before adding a brand to our inventory. From lumen output in comparison to wattage consumption, to the strength of the housing against outside forces, every option we offer has been manufactured by brands trusted for high-quality, high-performing products.

Of course, the matter of various budgets also plays a role in the led light manufacturer brands we offer. Whether you need a heavy-duty solution working on a larger budget, or a smaller, but still reliable, solution for a budget-friendly price, we have solutions to cover every need. If you have any questions while shopping any of these trusted brands, please contact a member of our staff. We would be glad to assist you further in finding the ideal lighting application for your situation.


Top-Rated LED Lighting Authorized Dealer & Supplier is a lighting distributor of Indoor & Outdoor Commercial and Residential light fixtures and light bulbs. Based in the US, we carry the top LED lighting brands like EiKORAB Lighting, MaxLitenaturaLED, Westgate Lighting and more of the Top Lighting Manufacturers in the United States. We also carry a wide variety of Horticulture products by Hydrofarm, along with ceiling fans by RP also provides rebate programs, expert lighting design advice, and lighting audits for large projects. As a wholesaler, authorized dealer and bulk distributor of lighting products, we take pride in our customer-focused 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy. 

For more information, call 888-325-4448 or email: [email protected].



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