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LED Lighting for Schools 

School lighting is fond of having more natural light than other commercial locations. This alone greatly impacts the types of lighting that are right for the space because schools using more natural light, you can scale back on the artificial lighting in terms of efficiency.

LEDs are generally proposed as the most cost-effective and energy-friendly options for lighting, the high upfront cost coupled with the fact that the location needs less lighting thanks to the natural light sources, would make this type of lighting somewhat unnecessary.


At Lighting and Supplies, we provide state-of-the-art commercial lighting solutions for schools, educational establishments and college campuses. Our lighting solutions provide long lasting energy efficient illumination that saves energy and costs for school property managers and administrators. 

Preferred Lighting Options for Schools

Believe it or not, fluorescent lighting technologies are still the staple solution for most school environments. They are a reliable light source that offers decent wattage consumption to lumen output while lasting longer than halogen bulbs. They also offer a cooler operating temperature than halogen.

Metal halide light fixtures are rarely used in schools and only in specific areas. Metal halide fixtures are long-lasting and durable, but they are a higher cost impact than fluorescent or halogen solutions, and are only used in areas such as gyms where the lighting needs rarely fluctuate thought the day.


Indoor School Lighting

Schools and college campuses alike require indoor lighting fixtures for students and faculty who need to stay focused. We offer provide quality illumination throughout classrooms, stairwells, hallways, dorm rooms, parking garages, auditoriums, storage facilities and other areas where academics rely heavily on proper lighting. 

Take a look at the most common lighting applications for schools: 

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Outdoor School Lighting

Students and staff want to feel safe and comfortable while they focus on learning. Outdoor lighting fixtures illuminate sporting stadiums, amphitheaters, walkways, parking lots, building facades, and other areas where students and staff need to feel safe on campus. 

Lighting and Supplies has common lighting solutions to provide illumination, safety and security on the outside of educational facilities:

Reduce Expenses & Energy Usage

When schools spend less money on their electricity bill, they can spend more money on highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art technology, and ensuring teachers and students alike can focus on teaching and learning, respectively. 

What’s more, making the right choice in selecting a classroom lighting solution can go a long way in reducing overhead costs in both reduced energy consumption as well as maintenance costs. 


LED Lighting for Schools Instead of Fluorescent

Though the design aesthetic for fluorescent lighting in schools makes sense, in the age of ever increasing overhead and operating costs, reducing annual lighting expenses goes a long way in improving sustainability and the bottom line. LED technology offers a unique and powerful way in which to accomplish this, with no significant downsides.

LED lights are up to 70% more efficient than traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescents, incandescent and HIDs. This reduction in energy consumption has a massive effect on ROI for large scale college university operations, which typically use hundreds of light fixtures throughout their facilities. In addition to the boost in efficiency, LED fixtures require zero maintenance.

The minimization or even elimination of maintenance requirements normally associated with traditional lighting saves a considerable amount in both parts and labor for building managers and facility maintenance crews. 

Lighting for Schools, College Campuses & Stadiums

Improving test grades is at the forefront of every educator, and proper lighting has been proven to increase productivity. With this in mind, making an educated decision on lighting is essential to the future success of any academic establishment.

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