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Lighting for Commercial Properties

Among the most important functions of a property management company or manager is taking care of the commercial space itself - both inside and outside building. This routine maintenance for commercial properties includes the never-ending need for commercial light fixtures and electrical components whose lifespans are about to expire.

As a wholesale lighting distributor, Lighting and Supplies has been and continues to be involved in countless commercial property management projects to fulfill lighting, electrical, and wiring components that satisfy both old fixtures, retrofit fixtures, along with LED light fixtures for new construction projects.

Below is a list of the types of commercial lighting application and mixed space lighting projects we have provided lighting for over the years:


Tenants and property owners alike have expectations that the property manager will keep the property’s lighting systems operational at all times. Moreover, these systems need to be efficient and designed in a purposeful way.

Lighting inspections can be time consuming, and one activity that can drain time and profits is lighting maintenance. Between replacing bulbs and dealing with the complaints from tenets, resources can quickly be soaked into supporting an obsolete lighting and electrical environment.

At Lighting and Supplies, we help you from start to finish on your commercial lighting project. From sourcing the perfectly spec’d lights to delivering them to the job site, we are there each step of the way to make sure you have the products and support you need.


Common Indoor Light Fixtures for Commercial Properties

Interior lighting is a fundamental component in the main spaces of the property. With property lighting design, one could create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere while also providing energy and alertness for inhabitants.

Navigating indoor lighting products will depend entirely the type of building and the relevant commercial applications associated with that space. In more residential spaces looking comfort, design and security are likely to be focal points of the lighting layout.

This a list of most common indoor lights for majority of commercial properties:


Outdoor Lighting Options for Commercial Properties

The lighting options featured below are especially well-suited to efficiently rounding the corner from the summer to the longer nights of fall and winter.  They’re all durable, water-resistant, high-quality products, available with a wide range of illumination intensities and saturations, so you can get exactly the look you’re after. You’ll also be able to weather the elements, so you can light the way for years to come.

To help guide you in the right direction on where to purchase these products, here is a list of the most commonly used outdoor LED lighting for your property management lighting projects that can be find throughout our website: 


Reducing Expenses & Energy Usage

For properties using LED lights has many advantages, such as energy savings, short switch-on time, longer life, less maintenance, colors that do not lose their tone or intensity, in addition to being more resistant, they work at low voltage.

Taking advantage of these technologies can do wonders for your property, helping you greatly reduce your bills on electricity while also providing even better lighting for your spaces something attractive for tenants or possible customers.


Other ways you can reduce expenses is use of dimmers or occupancy sensors. Occupancy sensors will help you reduce active time from your lights when there’s no one there, making it more efficient on office activities and hospitality facilities. 

Drawback of occupancy sensors is that for outdoor applications as parking lots or simply security are not going to be useful due the nature of technology. In those instances, using dimmers can be your best bet, tuning down brightness can let you achieve a cozier effect for a lobby while also reducing costs. 


Get Volume Discounts for Commercial Light Fixtures

Each property has their own unique needs, even if the buildings are the same just changing the applications and use of it will drastically change planning and selection of the right solutions. 

For example, Warehouses and Data Warehouses are steadily increasing in popularity during these pandemic times. To properly lit them you can follow the recipe for common warehouse lighting although thinking of LEDs for data warehouses is really important as heat can be an issue in those places where lots of equipment is running constant so less cost and low heat emissions make LEDs perfect in those.

At Lighting and Supplies we offer a free quote so you can get in contact with a team of experts that have helped many property managers achieve their goals. Contact Lighting and Supplies today to learn more about how we can help provide the proper lighting products to your next lighting project! 

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