Stadium and Sports Lights


What is Stadium Lighting?

Outdoor stadium lights are bright and powerful sports lights or flood lights mounted from tall heights with small beam angles that provide visibility to sporting areas of all kinds. Stadium lights are mounted at different heights depending on the venue. Beam angles will vary depending on the height as well.

Where to Use Stadium Lighting

Stadium light fixtures are typically mounted on poles 40 to 100 feet tall, with between 1-12 fixtures mounted on each pole depending on the stadium or sports facility.  This type of outdoor lighting is often used by schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, amateur sports clubs, and professional sports franchises.


Football Fields

A majority of football fields are located outdoors. To ensure games don't have to end by sunset, stadium and sports lighting are vital. Lighting on a football stadium needs to highlight the field from the perspective of the audience without sacrificing visibility or performance by the players. Having too much glare on each sports light fixture can become bothersome. Make sure your glare rating is low.

Football field lighting also needs to be weatherproof, windproof, and waterproof, along with needing proper ventilation systems to avoid overheating. Thankfully, Lighting and Supplies sells all of these types of stadium light fixtures online and over the phone. Contact us today for a quote!


Baseball & Softball Field Lighting

Lighting a baseball field often requires custom solutions based on the size, location, and level of play on the field. Sports which require smaller and faster-moving objects must be illuminated more intensely than a soccer field which have larger-sized balls than a baseball, along with objects that generally stay closer to the ground. Because of this, baseball fields usually require higher levels of overall lighting than other sports.


Indoor Basketball Courts 

Basketball is one of the only sports that is almost always played indoors. Because there is no natural light to call upon, the dynamics of the basketball court lighting changes. 

If you’ve watched college or professional basketball, you probably saw how fast and dynamic the pace is, with constant movement on and around the court. With this in mind, the spread of lights needs to produce an even sheen on the court. The indoor, closed basketball court and the waxed floor mean that you must be even more cautious with your lighting selection so you don't create too much glare during the event.

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Tennis Courts

Tennis courts have precise dimensions and are a lot more enclosed. A majority of tennis courts lights are also centerpieces to private living communities, sports clubs, and country clubs.

This type of lighting needs to avoid light pollution and lighting too much space in order to maximize visibility without wasting light. Given the compact nature of these courts, it’s critical to get the lighting balanced and natural looking for players. Having timers on these lights is also a way to reduce energy costs. 

Reduce Expenses & Energy Usage

Most sports stadiums and indoor arenas use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps for almost all of their overhead lighting needs. On average, stadium lights have much higher wattage than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roadways, and parking lots. While HID lamps are very efficient, they require significant time to warm up and achieve full brightness after being extinguished. 


Going LED with Stadiums & Sports Venues

When stadiums and sports venues spend less money on their electricity bill, they can spend more money on maintaining the courts or fields, upgrading lights, and creating a safe and comfortable environment for players and attendees alike.

LED lights are up to 70% more efficient than traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescents, incandescent and HIDs. This reduction in energy consumption has a massive effect on ROI for large scale commercial office operations, which typically use hundreds of light fixtures throughout their facilities. In addition to the boost in efficiency, LED fixtures require zero maintenance.

The minimization or even elimination of maintenance requirements normally associated with traditional lighting saves a considerable amount in both parts and labor for building managers and facility maintenance crews.

Because of their intensity, LED sports light fixtures are energy efficient, dynamic, and easily controlled. With all of the energy efficient and technological benefits, LED is the new leader of stadium lights. These are commonly found on basketball, baseball, soccer, and even football fields alike.




Chart Source: EIA 

Lighting for Stadiums & Sporting Venues

Sporting events can be enjoyed at night thanks to proper lighting design, fixtures and maintenance. But not all sports stadiums’ lighting needs are created equal.

If stadium lighting is a key focus of your next project, contact Lighting and Supplies today to learn more about how we can help provide the adequate indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for sporting venues of all shapes, sizes and environments.


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