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Lightingandsupplies.com offers an affordable solution for all your security and indoor lighting needs. LED Flood Light brings you peace of mind without eating into your electricity budget. Combining eco-friendly with energy efficient, the reliability of their products makes this brand the number one choice in flood lights.

A flood light, or more specifically an LED flood light, is a big, bright white light that gives off a very wide swath of light. These types of lights can often be found in front or backyards of homes, commercial properties, parking lots, playgrounds and parks, and stadiums.

LED flood lights are lights that are highly powered and can be used to light large areas. There are many types of flood lights that Lightingandsupplies.com distributes, and they are used with many different purposes. The common functionality of a flood light is a wide angle of light for covering large areas. These energy-saving flood light fixtures come in different shapes and sizes, which may be suited to different needs and requirements of the customers.

From the lighting of large stadiums and parks to lighting up your own lawn, flood lights are very helpful. They are mainly used for outdoors, but you may see them being used indoors as well, for example to light up a garage or warehouse. They are often used for security and at other times for illuminating advertisements such as billboards. Solar LED flood lights may be used in homes and parks to take out the need for direct power.

Lightingandsupplies.com’s reliable LED flood lights are especially valuable in 24/7 operations, like warehouses. If an outdoor fixture fails and your client needs to take time to relamp, everything must come to a complete stop. That’s valuable time and money lost. With third-party certified fixtures, however, you’ll never have to worry about relamping again. Not for 100,000 hours, minimum, anyway. Also, since outdoor LED flood lights can brighten up loading docks and parking lots with their crisp and clear light, they increase safety for both employees and visitors. Plus, with so many shipments coming in and going out, brighter light also helps security monitor traffic and read license plates or other types of ID. This keeps everyone all-around safer and more efficient.


Die-cast aluminum housing has an impact-resistant, polycarbonate lens which protects the LEDs from water, dust, and debris, making it the most suitable floodlight for outdoor locations.


UL Listed and DLC compliant, this innovative product is made to the highest standards and rated for wet locations.


Intelligently designed, this LED Floodlight fixture provides superior lighting performance at proper Lumens and significant energy savings over traditional fixtures.


Many of our flood lights combine eco-friendly with energy efficient, the reliability of this product makes it confident to stand with a 5 year warranty that backs its minimum 50,000 hour life span.


Flood Lights are perfect for Garage areas, Barns, Dock, Farms, Storage room, Workshop, Equipment room, Walkways, Roadway, Back Door Entrance and for security purposes, both for residential and commercial consumers.


Small Yoke Mount included, this corded led outdoor flood light can be easily installed by mounting to a wall.

What are Flood Lights?

Flood Lights involves utilizing light bulbs of high power to illuminate a big outdoor location. Some flood lights are equipped with motion sensors as well. This sort of illumination is established permanently and also needs a great deal of electric current. Flood lighting could extensively be classified right into 3: facade, basic location and also signage. Each kind entails its own special topic and also challenges which need to be dealt with. Some examples would be supply, installation and upkeep.

Flood Lights is generally utilized for highlighting the architectural appearance of an outstanding or historically substantial building. By utilizing flood lights, you can boost the in-depth framework of a building. A setup of this type of lights makes it necessary to think over its positioning, power, plus upkeep.

The size of any kind of building chooses the dimension of the lighting unit that needs to be mounted. When you wish to light up a really elevated structure, you need to ensure that the lights aspect is big sufficient to toss out the light of the required intensity. Normally, you have to place the device at least 75% of building's height, away from its base.

Outdoor Flood Light Applications

Flood light bulbs are specifically designed to light areas like front and back yards, parking lots, patios and decks. Flood lights work by “flooding” an area with light, where they can produce a wider beam of usually up to 120-degrees. These area lights are great for illuminating larger outdoor spaces while maintaining the same wattage or lumen output as a spotlight. 

Outdoor security flood lights are generally powered by batteries, solar energy or electricity. The most common bulb types are CFL, halogen and LED. Less common types include fluorescent and incandescent. 

LEDs are often considered the best option for residential use because they shine brighter and last longer than other bulbs. LED flood light output is rated in lumens, and the bulbs are often label by their wattage equivalent. The brightest flood lights will be rated higher, up to 250-Watts in some cases.

These are the main types of LED flood lights:

  • Twin-Head Flood Lights: The most popular residential option, a twin-head flood light has two LED heads which are positioned away from each other for maximum light coverage. 
  • Multi-Head Flood Lights: For larger properties, a multi-head flood light can offer greater light coverage than a twin-head flood light.
  • Single-Head Flood Lights: While less common than their multi-head counterparts, single-head flood lights are also available for homes with smaller outdoor spaces.

Flood Lights for Home Security

The best outdoor security lights for your home will depend on your unique needs.

  • When it comes to securing a residential property, homeowners are generally advised to have at least one motion-sensing flood light. This will serve as your dusk to dawn security lighting.
  • A combination of different types of flood lights can be used to provide high-intensity security lighting to your entire property. 
  • Choose bulbs rated at 120-Watt (equivalent) or higher for outdoor security lighting.

How to Position Outdoor Security Lights

  • Finding the right angles for your outdoor security lighting often takes some trial and error. It’s important to fully test them to ensure they provide ample light coverage. Your instruction manual will have the full details on how to run daylight testing.
  • If you prefer a more strategic approach, there is an alternative option for estimating the best angles for your outdoor lights. To determine your beam width in feet (otherwise known as your light coverage), follow this equation: beam angle x 0.018 x distance from LED bulb = beam width in feet. 
  • For example, if you have a 35-degree spotlight and need to know the beam's width from 13-feet away, 35 x 0.018 x 13-feet = 8.19-feet wide.
  • Popular places to install your outdoor security lights include above your home’s entrances, the garage, walkways and large open areas. 
  • Always install your flood lights a minimum of 9-feet above the ground to avoid any tampering attempts.

Understanding the differences between security lighting options is key to choosing the best outdoor flood lights for your home. Choose from our online selection and get it delivered straight to your door.

Where are Flood Lights Used?

Retail Stores

Retail establishments can also benefit from quality tested flood lights. After all, the difference between a well-lit parking lot/walkway and a dark and murky one can mean serious business. Literally. If a customer feels uneasy even before entering your client’s store, chances are they’ll go somewhere where they don’t. Beat them to the punch by illuminating a retail establishment in bright LED light, creating a welcome and open atmosphere. The stores may require brighter lights as the area is larger and they want customers to be able to see products easily. 70-80 foot candles are recommended for such a huge place. 

Residential Flood Lights

In residential circumstances, if your client’s looking to cast some light on his or her trees and flowers, flood lights were made for the job. They have a high CRI, or color rendering index, meaning they bring out the true colors of whatever’s underneath them, making everything look its best. It’s like giving a home an instant lighting upgrade, without the costly remodeling fees. Plus, the flood fixtures on our website are wet location-suitable, meaning they can endure both rain and sprinkler systems and come out just fine. Lightingandsupplies.com’s flood luminaires are available in both 4000K and 5000K, plus a wide array of lumens, depending on your needs.


LED flood lights can also be helpful in the lighting of warehouses. They useful at night, but also in day time as the warehouses often have little light from the outside. Foot candles ranges can vary in warehouses depending on the type of work being done. 30 foot candles for warehouse used more as storage and work requiring little light. A warehouse housing mechanical work and detail work may be upwards of 100 foot candles.

Storage Facilities

Storage places that are covered or are indoors can be lighted with LED flood lights. 30 foot candles are recommended for storage places.

Office Buildings

In office buildings, employees work late. And even in the winter months, it’s dark by the time the work day ends. Using LED flood lights to brighten up parking areas, both staff and employees will never have to feel concerned when they walk to their cars. Let’s not forget about the college kids. Late-night classes and study sessions are commonplace at educational institutions. With brilliant, even outdoor lighting across campus walkways, parking lots, and parking decks, students will no longer have to worry about their safety on their way back to their dorms.


Why are LED Lights Great for Outdoor Use?

Let’s take a look at some specific reasons why LED Flood Lights are ideal outdoor lights:

1. Bright, Clear Light

Many legacy outdoor lighting fixtures use metal-halide or mercury vapor lamps. Those bulbs start out creating a clear, white light, but over time, they can burn down to a visible orange or even pink color.

LEDs, on the other hand, produce a consistent, clear, white light (depending on the CCT). As long as the diode is receiving electricity, it creates strong light.

Some LEDs even allow you to manually adjust the color temperature of the light, creating warmer mood lighting or brighter safety lighting as needed.

2. Energy Efficiency

Outdoor incandescent or metal-halide lamps burn hot (you know that if you’ve ever tried to change a bulb too fast), and heat is the enemy of efficacy. Hot lights put additional strain on wiring and circuits which burns out the filaments, creating unnecessary replacement costs and wasted energy.

LED technology transforms electricity directly into light using a semiconductor, which means there’s no waste heat created and nearly every watt of energy you put into that lamp is being used to create light.

3. Reduced Cost of Ownership

LED efficacy means you can create the same number of lumens (light) using much less wattage (drawn energy). That directly translates to savings on your monthly utility bill.

As we’ve said, LEDs run cool, so they don’t “burn” themselves out, which means you’ll significantly reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement by switching to LEDs.

4. Variety of Styles

LEDs are increasingly available in a variety of different shapes and forms to meet both practical and decorative outdoor lightning needs. 

What Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights is best? 

Low Wattage Flood Lights 

For the most part, all lights under 40 watts are considered to be low-wattage ones. These types of lights are really good for those who are looking to consume fewer amps of electricity. There are plenty of people who opt for multiple low-wattage lights and arrange them so that the edge of the light radius overlaps, in order to ensure that they have full coverage, as needed.

However, considering the fact that these lights aren’t as strong as others, there are situations where they will serve you well, and others in which they might be a bit frustrating to have. For example, low-wattage lights like this are useful for illuminating doorways, shed entrances, or can be used as accent lights to showcase your flower beds. If you want to illuminate the back yard so that you can barbecue with your friends or family past dusk, low-wattage lights will annoy you.

Medium Wattage Flood Lights 

What is considered a medium-wattage light fixture is one that can accommodate lightbulbs with a wattage between 40 and 80 watts. You will actually find a wide variety of floodlights that accommodate this range. Plenty of people choose lights within this range for their outdoor lighting needs and they choose to attach them to extended arms or mount them on posts so they can get better coverage.

While these are not the most powerful lights out there, you still want to avoid installing them close to one of your home windows as they might disrupt your sleep.

High Wattage Flood Lights

People who want really powerful lights, then you can choose fixtures with wattage greater than 80. These lights are most suitable for pedestrian areas, especially those that exceed 100 watts. In fact, the most common situations where you’ll encounter fixtures these powerful in parking lots, roadways, or next to public institutions.

In certain locations, there are roadside lights that can reach up to 400 watts. These lights are generally suspended high above the ground and directed at the ground, so they don’t disturb pedestrians and cars driving by. The angle is adjusted so that cars won’t be blinded because of the powerful light.

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