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Area Lights

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If you’re looking to make a location feel safe and secure, look no further than LED area lights. You’ll find them anywhere from parking lots to walkways to perimeters to residences. And underneath them, you’ll find people who aren’t glancing over their shoulders in concern, due to poor lighting. LED provides bright, crisp light without glare; the beam is steady and consistent, not trailing off the farther from the source, as fluorescents tend to do. As a result, no area is left unlit. And crime levels remain low.

LED Area Lights offer great savings for businesses, municipalities, and consumers who need excellent light coverage. LED area and street lights last longer and use significantly less energy than traditional HPS/HID lights, leading to great savings on electricity and maintenance costs. Powerful LED lights can be used as area lights in a variety of applications including roadways, parking lots, campuses, shopping centers, business parks, and other public areas or street and walkway lights.

Whether you need high output LED lights or low output LED lights, LED Lighting Wholesale Inc. can supply them. Our LED street and area lights are available with several mounting options like pole top, arm mount, knuckle mount, trunnion, slip-fitter, wall mount and more! LED Lighting Wholesale Inc has multiple choices for high quality LED area, flood and street lights at wholesale prices. Contact us at 888-325-4448 for discounts on high volume orders!

A classic way to add light, visibility and style to your space is to place LED area lights in it. The LED post top area lights are placed at the top of the ceiling that give your place great lighting and add the essence of softness to it. The basic idea behind is that the area lights emits light from a whole area, rather than one direction. We are expert in commercial lighting and residential lights and are well aware of the taste of our clients.

Energy saving

The area lights come in a variety of designs but have the same idea behind them, that is energy saving. The LED lights can save you energy since they use only 10% energy which is used by regular lights.

Easy to wire and mount Area Lights

The area lights are easy to wire and mount. They can be mounted on the ceiling, sidewalks, and narrow walkways and can be used as border pathway light. Slim LED area light and slim area light poles are ideal to be used for indoor and outdoor walkways.


Durable Area Lights

The LED area lights are durable and long lasting, since they use less energy while keeping the whole place lit. It has a longer time span than a usual light.

Eco friendly LED Technology

The LED area lights are supposed energy green because they have no mercury and the disposal is not an issue with them. They leave less carbon footprint and are easy to dispose of.