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Hotels have lighting everywhere. Lighting for lobbies, guest bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, conference rooms, lounges, facades, and even landscapes – the list goes on and on. 

Regardless of the application, Lighting and Supplies has illustrious experience in providing top-quality hospitality lighting designs for hotels, restaurants, AirBnB rentals - regardless of the complexity of the project.


Hotel Lighting Fixtures

With so many different lighting applications within a hotel alone, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our guide to hotel lighting can quickly get your hotel renovation or new construction project off to the right start!

Below are the most common indoor and outdoor light fixtures we supply for hotels:

Interior hotel light fixtures:


Exterior hotel light fixtures: 

Light Fixtures for Hotel Lobbies

Hotel lobby lighting is not only a first impression, it welcomes your guests from the moment they enter in the lobby. High quality lighting design will leave your guests with a positive first impression. Moreover, having bright, cool lighting fills your guests with energy and excitement. Warm, dim lights invite them to set down their bags and relax.

As you transform your guests away from the ordinary, it’s important to use an appropriate hotel lighting design to complement furniture and existing architectural features.

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1.) Chandeliers

Chandeliers are guaranteed to be the center of attention in your hotel lobby or bar. These gorgeous decorative fixtures create visual interest overhead, drawing your guests’ eyes upward and creating a sense of genuine awe.

Because they also provide ambient light, they affect the rest of the reception area, decor and furniture. This ample ambient light can emphasize or even transform the finishes and furniture with their light.

2.) Wall Lights 

Picture and wall lights are versatile enough to fill multiple roles. They can tastefully illuminate your lobby; add incredibly decorative elements to your space; and showcase any artwork or décor you wish to accentuate.

For textured walls, photographs or paintings you want to bring to your guests’ attention, wall lighting will be your go-to solution to highlight these noteworthy accent pieces. 


Modern Hotel Bedroom Lighting 

Hotel bedroom lighting provides guests with full control over the mood they want to create. Implementing dimmable LEDs in a variety of light fixtures make sure your hotel room lighting can be tailored to their comfort. 

Whether guests want the dim glow of accent lights, or a balanced, bright room, a well-designed hotel room lighting scheme will accommodate and leave lasting impressions.

1.) Hotel Room Recessed Lighting

Recessed hotel lights apply a unique look that is difficult to replicate. Traditional downlight cans tend to be difficult and expensive to install for new construction, and even more difficult to retrofit.

Fortunately for your next hotel lighting project, Lighting and Supplies carries thin, recessed downlights of all sizes and shapes that can plug into any hotel bedroom ceiling application.

2.) Hotel Bathroom Vanity Lights 

Guests rely heavily on hotel bathroom lighting that leaves them feeling flattering and prepared for whatever the stay brings their way.

Vanity lights for hotel bathrooms can vary widely based on the size of the bathroom in question. Moreover, the public bathrooms in the lobby may have different demands than the bathrooms within guest bedrooms.

We carry vanity lights that can have 1 – 5 different shades or bulbs per fixture. We also carry modern linear vanity lights that can be mounted adjacently to mirrors both vertically and horizontally to balance lighting when it matters most.


LED Lighting for Hotels & Hospitality Venues

Retaining hotel, restaurant or even AirBnB guests is a key focus of any hotel’s growth strategy. Not only do they provide a bigger ROI, but they become promoters of your establishment as well. To achieve this, every variable counts – down to the details of every fixture and bulb.

Hotels and hospitality experts alike need to rely on a lighting supplier they can trust to have expert opinions on hotel lighting design.

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