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LED Church Lighting Fixtures

Churches and religious sanctuaries across the United States have put their faith in our top-quality lighting solutions that comfortably welcome followers and illuminate large worship halls.

At Lighting and Supplies, we provide state-of-the-art church lighting solutions for ceilings of any height. Follow along as we outline our church lighting guide to help anyone choose interior and exterior church lights.


Indoor Church Lighting Fixtures

Churches have a wide variety of interior lighting needs depending on the ceiling height and overall layout of the church. For example, church spotlights and hanging LED house lights for churches with higher ceilings would be more appropriate than a typical commercial downlight.

Church altar lighting design centers the can focus of what is shining in front of them. Common church interior lighting applications:


Outdoor Church Lighting Fixtures 

Churches aren’t only a place of worship, they also provide warmth, comfort and safety to those in need of religious sanctuary. Ergo, proper exterior lighting for churches is a critical first impression to welcoming all walks of life with open arms.

To serve this purpose, we recommend these essential outdoor church light fixtures:

Church Lighting LED Retrofit

Plenty of churches are facing a difficult decision when it comes to upgrading their current sanctuary lighting to LED fixtures. Do we replace our historic antique fixtures with new and improved technology?

LED lights are up to 70% more efficient than traditional lighting technologies such as fluorescents, incandescent and HIDs. This reduction in energy consumption has a massive effect on ROI for large scale

LED retrofits help cut energy usage in half, and at the same time increase light output by 500% or more. LED fixtures for churches can:

  • Make them super energy efficient, using half or less of the energy they did before
  • Produce 4-5 times as much light as they did before!
  • Reduce maintenance costs down to “zero” for potentially the next 20 years


Congregation Seating Lighting

The congregation area presents its own set of unique lighting considerations. Because this area needs to have clear visibility of the stage from all angles, here are a few tips for this area of church lighting.

  • If you want to improve the lighting layout for a church, layer the lighting as much as possible. The key to this area of lighting is to mix different levels and sources of lighting to find the appropriate outcome. If the area has natural lighting of any type, whether from windows or skylights, it is important to utilize that light source. This will help cut down on lighting costs because you will need fewer artificial lighting solutions, but it also serves to create a lighting plan that is gentle on the eyes. If you can combine natural lighting and artificial lighting together in effective layers, the congregation area will become much easier to light properly.
  • Consider the reading needs of the congregation. Many congregation members will bring their own reading materials, in addition to provided pamphlets, hymnals, and church communications that are handed out upon arrival, Lighting should be concentrated enough to provide a reliable level of task lighting without being overbearing. A good rule of thumb for this is to keep either your lumen output higher with warmer temperatures or your lumen outputs lower with cooler temperatures. This will offer the right balance of gentle and bright.
  • Be sure to install dimming lights where applicable. If the setup allows for dimmable lights, this will allow you to adjust the lighting throughout the service for the best result for the congregation. For example, having brighter lights which are dimmed during songs or prayer can not only create a more peaceful experience perfect for the setting, it can also help with keeping the congregation focused on the message being delivered.


Lighting for Churches

Natural lighting in churches is a refreshing source of light. Properly planned lighting design can complement the organic lighting of a church and provide illumination where it’s needed most.

If your next project calls for LED church lights, contact Lighting and Supplies today to learn more about how we can help provide high quality lighting products to fit all your church lighting applications!

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