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When you think of warehouse lighting, you think of light fixtures that are built for big open spaces that need bright lighting. These can come in the form of auditoriums, distribution centers, gymnasiums, factories, manufacturing plants, sports complexes, and more. 

Safety is key in warehouses, and having the proper warehouse lighting applications can brighten the work floor, improve safety & productivity, reduce maintenance costs and save on energy bills. 



Common LED Warehouse Lighting Fixtures 

Because of the high ceilings and demands for lighting of every square foot within a warehouse, having the right light fixtures for the space becomes a focal point when buying warehouse lights.

To help guide you in the right direction on where to purchase these products, here is a list of the most commonly used indoor LED warehouse lights you can find on our website: 

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Outdoor warehouse lighting application options:


LED Lighting for Warehouses

Warehouse ceiling heights and the high number of fixtures in large warehouse spaces result in significant maintenance costs. Changing a simple light bulb often involves an elaborate process, such as the use of a forklift that can be quite costly in both time and dollars spent.

Installing a proper LED lighting system also significantly lowers heat output. Therefore, it is not necessary to air-condition a warehouse to counteract the heat produced by the lighting fixtures because LED lighting minimizes the cost of air conditioning the large facility. 

Lighting and Supplies sells LED fixtures for warehouses that offer top performance as well as top tier quality and versatility. They utilize 60 - 70% less energy than traditional fluorescent and HID lighting systems. 

Our top-quality LED fixtures designed to reduce your energy consumption costs while providing your warehouse space with regular, contemporary lighting. Because of the boost in efficiency and technology, LED fixtures require zero maintenance.

The minimization or even elimination of maintenance requirements normally associated with traditional lighting saves a considerable amount in both parts and labor for building managers and facility maintenance crews.


Lighting Controls for Warehouses

In most warehouses, some areas are often not in use. Our control systems ensure proper illumination at all times, increasing energy savings and safety.

When activity is detected by the occupancy sensor, light levels go up instantly to meet the required illumination for people working in that area.

After a period of inactivity, the fixture turns off or dims down to a preset level, increasing energy savings and LED life.

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With online shopping becoming more commonplace for commerce, warehouses need LED lighting solutions that are low-cost, high efficiency, and designed to provide ample lighting for visibility and safety. 

If high ceilings and warehouse lights are a key focus of your next project, contact Lighting and Supplies today to learn more about how we can help provide the adequate indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for large warehouse facilities. 

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