Falkor Lighting is a renowned American owned and public traded corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, Ca.  Falkor lives by our three pillars of success, which is to provide innovative solutions, extraordinary service, and professional expertise.


The first pillar, innovative solutions; we are along with you every step of the way constantly figuring the best fit solutions tailored to your project at hand. If we don’t personally make the best product for your application we will locate from someone who does, and source it for you.  We partner with you to make the job a little bit easier for you.


The second pillar, extraordinary service; We strive to make each implementation flawless, but understand things will fall short of expectations with any endeavor, and we know in times like that, customers expect us to make it right and do it immediately.  In the lighting industry particularly, service will define the relationship and the experience; so we come to you with the right products at the right time.  We also make timely follow ups, making sure everything is shipped and safely delivered to you. Your needs are our top priority, we not only want to build business relations, we want a long-term friendship.


The third pillar, professional expertise is also the foundation of the company.  We want you to have the comfort and confidence in us to provide you with all the information you require for the task at hand.  Whether its solutions or answers to consultations, applications, or product rebates, we are the number one choice and one stop solution to everything you need.


At Falkor Lighting, we can talk the talk, and most importantly we do walk the walk.



10" Recessed Lighting Trim

4" LED Recessed Can Lights

4" Recessed Lighting Trim

6" LED Recessed Can Lights

6" Recessed Lighting Trim

8" LED Recessed Can Lights

8" Recessed Lighting Trim

Area & Site Lighting

LED Area Lights

LED High Bay Fixtures

LED High Bay Lights

LED Panel Lights & Lay-In Troffers

LED Strip Lights

LED T8 Tubes

LED Troffers

LED Wall Packs

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Recessed Canopy Lights

Recessed LED Canopy Lights

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