Cooler Door Lights

Cooler Door Lights

What are LED Cooler & Freezer Door Lights?

LED cooler door retrofit lights - or also known as cold storage lights - are a cost-effective replacement for fluorescent lights in refrigerated display cases, walk in coolers and walk in freezers. LED cooler door retrofit lights utilizes specially designed optics which laser focus the high output LEDs to make beverage cases, deli cases and meat display cases more visually appealing.

Finding the best LED replacement lights for refrigerated display lighting starts here at Nowadays, as the technology is increasingly becoming advance, most convenience store, supermarket and petrol C-Store owners are seeking the best solutions to replace the old fluorescent lamps in their respective refrigerated and freezer cases.

 As the supply of the magnetic ballasts utilized to power the antiquated technology is going down the drain, now is the right time to improve your facility’s lighting to a much more energy efficient system with LED cooler door lights. These new cooler door lights have now taken the place of the T12 and T8 fluorescent for refrigerated display lighting in merchandising walk-in freezers and coolers with 4′, 5′ and 6′ foot LED light strips (modules).


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