Reflector Light Bulbs: R20 & BR40

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Replacement Light Bulbs for Recessed Cans & Indoor Downlight Fixtures

In oder to get started with replacing a recessed light bulb, the first thing you'll need to do is determine which light bulb size your recessed light fixture takes. Here's what you'll see among recessed lighting options: BR30, MR11, MR16PAR16PAR20PAR30PAR38, R20, R30, R40.

How to determine recessed light bulb size

The number following the letters in a recessed light bulb indicates size: it's the diameter of the light bulb in eighths of an inch. So, a BR30 is 30/8 inches, or three and 3/4 inches. An MR11 is 11/8 inches. So, you can swap out a PAR30 for an R30 or a BR30 - they are all the same size.

1.) PAR Light Bulb Size

The PAR denotes the light bulb has a parabolic aluminized reflector on its inside, directing light out. That PAR coating maximizes the light output that you'll get from the light bulb. If brightness is your #1 priority in a recessed light, choose a PAR lamp in the appropriate size. The majority of PAR lamps are available in a flood beam spread, but spot beam PAR lamps are also out there. Many PAR lamps are approved for use in wet locations.

2.) MR Light Bulb Size

MR indicates the light bulb has a multifaceted reflector on its inside. The facets help gather light from the filament to create a very concentrated light beam. MR lamps are primarily available in smaller sizes - they are all about beam control, which is typically desirable for a narrower light beam. You can choose your beam spread (i.e., narrow flood, flood, spotlight) for many MR lamps.

3.) BR Light Bulb Size

BR Light Bulbs. This is another reflector lamp to maximize brightness, but this time, the light bulb itself has a bulged shape to direct light out. One disadvantage of the BR lamp is that it's a little longer than the PAR and MR, which means it tends to sit lower in the recessed fixture - and perhaps, protrude from the bottom of the recessed light fixture.

4.) R Light Bulb Size

For "R" Light bulbs, as you might assume, it stands for reflector in this case. There is a mirrored coating on the back of the light bulb to improve light output.


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