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SunEdison - Stock price continues down a rough path taking a major hit

Posted by Grant on

As the stock market continues to plummet, SunEdison has watched its stock price take a massive hit.  

SunEdison has been able to maintain it's company's assets and has since decreased the cost of the recent Vivint Solar deal.

Some advisors may recommend that the investment approach would be to take a longterm position or double investments as the stock is currently 

SunEdison, NYSE: SUNE, has not seen historic lows since 2001. 

There has been a vast amount of dilution within the company causing the equity to be significantly affected. Due to debt that SunEdison has taken on for product development and operations, they have a road ahead to keep their head above water.  Vivint Solar has been parasitic to the company preventing growth and causing the decline in the stock prices.

Across the Solar industry, companies are taking huge hits due to major capital expenses on research and development.  The high costs of Solar panels combined with the loss of rebate programs, leads to a very high return on investments, ROIs.  This is why, here at, we focus on providing our customers with the necessary stepping stone needed to decrease the cost of Solar through lowing your energy footprint. 

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