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Coronavirus - Nassau, San Francisco, now State of Emergency. How this affects the lighting industry

Posted by Kate Brooks on

As we all have been reading and hearing about the Coronavirus, continued worry rises as the virus begins to spread to the backyard of the United States. 

San Francisco has now declared a State of Emergency with the increasing threat of the Coronavirus spreading. Not only is it San Francisco, but also Nassau has taken measures to place 83 in voluntary isolation but the number has been rumored to be as high as 175 people. These are people who have been potentially exposed to the Coronavirus through travel to China.  Nassau health officials currently have one test has been sent to the CDC and is awaiting results. 

As the concern about the Coronavirus continues to spread, increased measures are being taken both in China and the United States. Some of these measures are taking a toll on the Lighting Industry as we all know many of the LED lighting components and products are Manufactured in China. There are several facilities that have been put on quarantine and have been forced to shut the operations down for the time being.

If the Coronavirus keeps spreading we would expect to see increased pricing due to a decrease in the supply chain from lighting products from China. With Nassau and San Francisco having this new Coronavirus news we are unsure as to how long this could affect our industry. We recommend to buy lighting now before the pricing increases.

Lighting and Supplies sends our thoughts to those affected by the Coronavirus and hopes to see a Coronavirus vaccination to hopefully eliminate the spreading of this deadly virus.

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