LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

Commercial LED Wall Packs – Styles, Sizes, and Applications

Wall pack light fixtures or luminaires are exterior grade light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walkways, streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. Wall packs are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many of these fixtures also provide aesthetic value. Stylized wall packs can make a building architecturally interesting. Wall packs distribute light in three basic patterns. Standard wall packs distribute light out and down. Semi and full cutoff wall packs distribute light only down. Up-down wall packs distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by. There is quite a bit to consider when purchasing these fixtures.

LED wall pack lights are robust lighting fixtures designed for outdoor use, typically mounted on exterior walls of buildings. They are known for their high efficiency and long lifespan, making them an ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. LED wall pack fixtures have rapidly replaced traditional lighting systems, thanks to their energy-saving capabilities and improved lighting quality.

What Is Wall Pack Lighting?

Outdoor commercial wall packs are available in varying sizes and styles to fit any application. Styles include: screw-in LED, integrated LED array, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. Access Fixtures commercial wall packs come in various housings to suit your application and can be custom finished in your choice of RAL color. Wall packs are great for area and accent lighting in commercial and industrial locations.

Exterior-grade wall pack light fixtures are suited for illuminating streets, walkways, and drive

ways adjacent to buildings. Though typically mounted on the sides of buildings, wall pack luminaires can be affixed to poles, too. Access Fixtures offers wall packs of many housing styles, light outputs, and sizes. If your project requires a traditional housing, we have the wall pack fixtures for you. Our lighting specialists can help you navigate the market and decide what wall packs are best for your budget, your project, and your performance needs. For example, forward-throw wall packs mounted on either side of a building entrance might be a terrific way to illuminate an area, but in some cases, a custom-finished wall pack will be more appropriate.

There are three patterns in which wall packs distribute light. There is a lot to consider when purchasing wall packs, and choosing a distribution style should be your first step:

  • Standard, Forward Throw, or Traditional Wall Packs
    Distribute light out and down
  • Cutoff Wall Packs
    Distribute light down to the ground
  • Up/Down Wall Packs
    Distribute light up and/or down

Commercial Wall Packs – Construction

Access Fixtures high quality wall pack housings are constructed of cast aluminum and treated with a chromate conversion coating to deter corrosion. A powder coat finish is then applied to the wall pack to provide a durable paint covering.

Inside the housing of the wall pack is where the electrical components are found. Some wall packs have components that are manufactured outside of the United States. In addition, we offer wall packs that come with components that are made in the USA. This means that the entire wall pack is assembled in the United Stated using brand name components.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Sizing

Wall packs increase with size for two reasons, to achieve a design and to house higher lumen output systems. While design would seem obvious, the later may not. The same wall pack design may frequently be manufactured in different sizes to house higher wattage, higher lumen emitting light systems. Increased size fits larger lamps and ballasts. Also, more space inside the luminaire help to reduce heat and the effect of heat on the ballast. Increasing the overall size or adding a deeper box to the back of the luminaire can achieve an increase in size.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Lamp Types

There are four types of lighting technology to choose from when purchasing wall packs: high pressure sodium, pulse start-metal halide, compact fluorescent, and LED. Each option works well in some situations and may not work as well in others. There is no best option, so choose the option that best fits your needs.

Light Pollution

When choosing a wall pack, you should consider the three components of light pollution: light glare, light trespass, and sky glow. Light glare is the harsh, uncomfortable brightness that light fixtures sometimes produce. Light trespass is the amount of light that exceeds the boundaries of a given area, such as a flood light that lights up a neighbor’s property. Sky glow is the amount of light emitted upwards that illuminates the night sky.

Many regions require property owners to meet certain standards regarding light pollution, particularly if you are in a city of urban area where dark sky compliance is a concern. In these situations, wall packs should be full cutoff, ensuring that light is emitted either downward or slightly forward. This prevents light from shining upwards into the sky or into surrounding properties.

They Should Be Wet Rated

Installation location greatly determines how the efficiency level of a light fixture and how much it lasts. Operational conditions like water and humidity can generally affect the efficiency of light bulbs, hence, it is very important to get bulbs with special features that allows for operation in wet locations. A wet location is a place where light fixtures come in direct contact with water and other forms of moisture.

Lighting fixtures that are installed in wet locations should feature UL Wet Rating as part of protection from water and moisture. If fixtures that are not built to be wet rated are continuously exposed to wet conditions, their life expectancy gets affected negatively.

Energy Saving With Motion Sensor (Bonus Tip!)

We are certainly at a time when energy saving means a lot. Of course everyone remembers to switch on the lights when in dark areas, but only few people remember to switch it off. Modern LEDs have been built with motion sensor features for the purpose of significantly reducing the rate of energy consumption on any building.

Normally, LEDs have the power to lower energy consumption by up to 75%, but when combined with motion sensors, energy consumption gets lowered by up to 90%.

Motion sensors are special features built into LEDs to automatically turn the light on when any motion is detected, and turn it off when no motion is detected after some minutes. Building owners have learned to install LEDs that are equipped with motion sensors in areas where lights are nor really needed at all times.

Motion sensors are either installed by LED manufacturers during production or in a few cases, by the users after purchase.

You should lookout for photocells during purchase. Photocells are ideal; they function as light sensors and unlike infrared sensors that basically detects presence, they detect  lights. They also act like light sensitive resistors, hence earning the name photo-resistors. Their resistance level climb when used in darker areas and this is how it works: the photocells sends signal to the circuit to provide more or less current. Manufacturers of LEDs install photocells during production, hence there is no need for additional integration. Photocells are preferably used in dusk to dawn wall packs, automatically switching the light on when it gets dark and switching it off in the morning, when it gets bright again. This feature of turning the light on only when it’s needed helps to elongate the life of the LED, as well as reduce its maintenance cost.

Understanding the Technology Behind LED Wall Packs 

The technology behind LED wall pack lights lies in their ability to provide high-quality, intense light with minimal energy consumption. Unlike traditional lighting, LED wall packs have no filament to burn out, meaning they last much longer and require less maintenance. This feature is particularly beneficial in industrial settings where replacing lighting can be costly and time-consuming. 


LED Wall Packs lights are the most common outdoor commercial light in America. They secure to the wall in a variety of ways and easy to install. The front of the commercial LED wall pack opens on a hinge for mounting and wiring, making them an installers favorite. They are also highly versatile, the wiring can be from behind or through a number of conduit entrances. Accessories such as photocells, motion sensors and battery backups can easily be added. Find an LED Wall Pack Manufacturer HERE.


Wall pack light fixtures or luminaires are exterior grade light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walk ways, streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. Wall packs are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many of these fixtures also provide aesthetic value. Stylized wall packs can make a building architecturally interesting, and forward throw wall pack lights give you more control.


Standard wall packs distribute light out and down. Semi and full cutoff wall packs distribute light only down. Up-down wall packs distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by. There is quite a bit to consider when purchasing these fixtures, but LITELUME has the lighting and design experts to help make sure you choose the right fixture for the job. We even carry LED wall pack 400w equivalent fixtures and 150w wall pack lights.

Industry Applications of LED Wallpack Lighting 

LED wallpack lighting has found its place in a variety of industry applications due to its versatility and efficiency. Here are some key sectors where these fixtures are making a significant impact: 

Commercial and Retail Spaces 

In commercial and retail environments, LED wall pack fixtures are used for security lighting, illuminating walkways, and highlighting signage. Their bright, focused light ensures safe navigation for customers and employees while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building. 

Manufacturing and Warehousing 

In manufacturing and warehousing, proper lighting is crucial for safety and productivity. LED wall pack lights provide consistent, high-quality illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and improving visibility in work areas. 

Parking Lots and Public Spaces 

LED wall pack lights are widely used in parking lots and public spaces for their ability to illuminate large areas effectively. They enhance safety by deterring criminal activity and making spaces feel more secure for pedestrians and drivers. 

Educational and Healthcare Facilities 

In educational and healthcare facilities, LED wall packs ensure well-lit exteriors, contributing to the safety of students, staff, and patients. They also help in creating an environment that is conducive to learning and healing. 

Advantages of LED Wall Pack Lighting 

The shift towards LED wall pack lighting brings numerous advantages: 

Energy Efficiency: LED wall packs consume significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting, leading to lower electricity bills.

Longevity: With a longer lifespan, LED lights reduce the frequency of replacements and maintenance costs. Improved.

Lighting Quality: LED technology offers better color rendering and uniform light distribution.

Eco-Friendly: LED lights are free from harmful chemicals like mercury, making them a greener choice.

Adaptability: Available in various designs and sizes, LED wall packs can be tailored to meet specific lighting needs.

Utility Rebates for LED Wall Pack Installations 

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to LED wall pack fixtures is the availability of utility rebates. Many utility companies offer incentives for businesses that upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. These rebates can significantly offset the initial cost of purchasing and installing LED wall pack lights. 

Navigating the Rebate Process 

To benefit from these rebates, businesses should: 

Check Eligibility: Contact your local utility company to understand the eligibility criteria for rebate programs.

Select Qualified Products: Ensure that the LED wall pack lights you choose meet the energy efficiency standards set by the rebate program.

Keep Documentation: Maintain all receipts and documentation related to the purchase and installation of the LED fixtures.

Apply for Rebates: Complete the necessary applications and submit them to the utility company for approval.

Making the Switch to LED Wall Pack Lighting 

Transitioning to LED wall pack lights involves several key steps: 

Assessment: Evaluate your current lighting setup and identify areas where LED wall packs can be beneficial.

Selection: Choose the right type and size of LED wall packs based on your specific requirements.

Installation: Professional installation ensures optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

Maintenance: Regular checks and cleaning help maintain the efficiency and longevity of the fixtures.

LED wall pack fixtures represent a significant advancement in industrial and commercial lighting. Their ability to provide high-quality, energy-efficient illumination makes them an indispensable tool in various industry sectors. With the added incentive of utility rebates, the switch to LED wall pack lighting is not only a smart choice for energy conservation but also a cost-effective investment for businesses. As the world moves towards more sustainable practices, adopting LED wall pack lights is a step in the right direction. Whether it's enhancing safety in public spaces, improving productivity in industrial settings, or reducing energy costs in commercial areas, LED wall packs are an excellent lighting solution. By embracing this technology, businesses can enjoy the dual benefits of environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

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