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History of ASD Lighting

ASD Lighting is a company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality lighting and electrical components. Founded in the year 2000, the company has a long and rich history of providing innovative and reliable lighting solutions to various industries and applications.

Product Categories of ASD Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Lighting and Electrical Components Offered by ASD Lighting

ASD Lighting offers a wide range of lighting and electrical components, including LED bulbs, fixtures, dimmers, switches, and much more. The company is committed to providing the best quality products that are energy-efficient and durable.

Industries and Applications of ASD Lighting

ASD Lighting provides its products to a wide range of industries and applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting. Their products can be seen in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and other public and private buildings. Your Online Destination for ASD Lighting Products is an online platform that offers a wide range of high-quality lighting and electrical components from top brands, including ASD Lighting. The company provides an easy and convenient shopping experience, with competitive prices and fast shipping options.

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If you have any questions or need help with your lighting and electrical needs, you can reach out to by visiting their contact page. You can also give them a call at (888) 325-4448.

ASD Lighting - Indoor & Outdoor Commercial & Residential Lighting Products

ASD Lighting has been in business in Eastern Europe since 1999 and is one of the fastest growing LED luminaire manufacturers in the USA. ASD lighting offers both indoor and outdoor luminaires that pass rigorous testing procedures established by UL®, DLC® & Energy Star®. All of our products are listed in the Department of Energy’s Lighting Facts program. We stand behind our products offering robust warranties.

ASD provides high quality commercial and residential LED products at very low prices making us the best value for the money in the marketplace. ASD offers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential applications such as hotels, schools, airports, hospitals, parking garages, warehouses, retail, etc.

ASD Lighting Light Bulbs

ASD LED-BR30 Dimmable light bulbs produce better, brighter light than a traditional incandescent recessed light. Designed to enhance colors and produce a more natural feeling, these bulbs are your best value for the money. Our BR30 bulbs are designed for use in 6” recessed light cans and many years of life for a fraction of the cost of a traditional bulb.

ASD LED-A19 light bulbs provide beautiful, comfortable, warm light for your home. ASD Light bulbs were created with the homeowner in mind to produce natural looking, even light. These economically priced non-dimming bulbs provide many years of life lowering power consumption and decreasing your energy usage.
These are perfect for table lamps, chandeliers, ceiling fans, and wall fixtures.


LED Round Downlight Retrofit Kit

DESIGN & OPTIONS. LED ROUND DOWNLIGHT RETROFIT KIT has a classic, low-profile design with a baffle trim that allows you to have a stylish look with efficient lighting. Smooth dimming capabilities ranging from 100% to 10% with modern LED dimmers allow you to control the look and feel of your space. You can choose either a 3000K, 4000K or 5000K color temperature. The 120° beam angle will leave no dark spots on the surface of your floor.

INSTALLATION. Easy installation with universal TP24 or E26 connectors. It has everything you need in one set. Preinstalled spring clips are the best solution for quick and easy installation. This fixture is suitable for most new construction, remodeling, and shallow recessed lighting housings. Refer to install instructions for detailed steps.

APPLICATION. Install the retrofit fixture to the ceiling for bright light in your family room, bedroom, hallways, corridors, or any other common areas in your living space. It is suitable for Wet locations, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom lighting as well. You could also use it as a complimentary light to an existing ceiling light.

ENERGY SAVINGS & EFFICIENCY. Replacing an incandescent fixture with LED ROUND DOWNLIGHT RETROFIT KIT can save you 8 times as much on your current energy costs. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, these fixtures are made to last decades under normal operation! This fixture will save you a significant amount of money in its lifetime.

CERTIFICATION & WARRANTY. Buy with confidence: ASD provides a 5-year warranty along with ETL and ENERGY STAR certifications to guarantee top quality products and safety!

Top US certifications allow participation in rebates; please check the rebate programs available in your state.

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