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California Lightworks has been executing its vision since 2008 to focus on the research, development, design, and manufacture of state of the art commercial LED grow lights and automation equipment. All over the world, greenhouses and horticulture are utilizing their products. California Lightworks provides growers throughout the world new grow lights that deliver amazing benefits at competitive prices. 

They are able to do that by utilizing the most recent advances in highly efficient solid-state lighting and controls technology. California Lightworks has provide ground breaking lines of Growing light products such as their StealthLED model, EtremeLED, Solarsystem, and SolarXtreme. These LED grow lights are high-powered in design and are the result of collaboration with many indoor growing lights experts. 

California Lightworks's grow lights consume up to fifty percent (50%) less electricity than traditional HPS or Metal Halide based systems. Since their products provide a superior light source in terms of efficiency, their indoor grow lights can harness and focus the light energy in the specific light spectrum and bands that plants tend to flourish in. Their systems produce much less heat that traditional systems allowing for reduced use of cooling fans and can eliminate risk of fires. 

California Lightworks horticulture LED grow light are simply the best in the industry from growing plants in a safe and efficient environment for growers everywhere. California Lightworks is based in Canoga Park, California and strive to make everything with US vendors if possible. They assemble everything from their Circuit boards, power supply, and LED grow lamps are made in their California facility.


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