Westinghouse 7027200 12-1/16" All Thread Lamp Pipe Kit Zinc-Plated Steel

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The all thread lamp pipe kit is a collection of quality hardware when constructing or repairing a lamp or fixture. Each of the two 12-1/16-inch lamp pipes can be used as a foundation for the structure of a lamp while concealing wiring. The steel pipes are threaded and standard 1/8-IP size to fit with common components, and they are zinc plated for longevity. The kit comes with a variety of other hardware to be used with the two lamp pipes. Each piece is standard 1/8-IP size for compatibility.
What's included:
Two 12-1/16-inch all thread lamp pipes, two 1/8-IP couplings, two 1/8-IP locknuts, two 1/8-IP knurled locknuts, and two washers.
Product reference number: 70272

Product Features & Benefits:

Durable steel construction Zinc plated for longevity

Recommended Uses:

Create a foundation for a lamp or fixture Conceal electrical wiring Replace worn or broken components

Product Dimensions:

12-1/16-inch pipes All pieces are 1/8-IP INSTALLATION Compatible with like-size components Threaded for easy screw-in installation. Can be purchased through many online today at Lightingandsupplies.com!

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