Westinghouse 0344500 25 Watt A19 Incandescent Light Bulb 2700K Transparent Blue E26 (Medium) Base, 120V


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Westinghouse A19 25 Watt Transparent Blue (2700K) E26 (Medium) Base Incandescent Specialty Light Bulb 0344500 Incandescent specialty A-shape light bulbs are perfect for general or creative lighting needs. These light bulbs come in a variety of wattages and styles. To help you find the right bulb for the right application, see Westinghouse's full offering of specialty A-shape light bulbs including colored, Bug Light, Toughshell¨, Rough Service, Garage and Low Voltage varieties. A-shape light bulbs are available with medium screw bases making them compatible for use with standard household fixtures -- everything from table lamps, garage door openers and work lights to porch lamps and outdoor lanterns.
Product reference number: 03445 Color light bulbs create a festive atmosphere Medium screw base Use with standard household fixtures Completely dimmable. Can be purchased through many online today at Lightingandsupplies.com!

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