Litetronics Lighting Products

As a top commercial lighting company, Litetronics creates long-lasting, great looking and easy to install LED commercial lighting solutions that will renew your space and reduce your operating costs by up to 85%.

If you haven’t upgraded your space to LED yet, you’re not alone. But you are in the right place. Upgrading to LED has never been easier or more affordable. Make us your LED light company and find out why. Here are a few reasons to consider a change.

  • Rebates and incentives could reduce your upfront cost by 50%-75%
  • Upgrading to LED will significantly reduce your energy bill
  • LEDs last 5-10 times longer than traditional bulbs 
  • Routine costs associated with bulb replacements are eliminated
  • LEDs deliver consistent, quality light that’ll improve the look of your space

LED Retrofit Kits

As one of the leading lighting solution companies in the industry, we have the expertise and inventory to help customers across MULTIPLE SECTORS. With retrofit LED lights from us, you can experience numerous benefits. For example, our fluorescent-to-LED retrofit kits are quick and easy to install in existing troffers, meaning you save on installation costs. Additionally, they require far less maintenance over time. Similarly, LED retrofit light kits for recessed lighting are a no-brainer when it comes to improving energy efficiency, lowering utility bills and practicing sustainability.

Our experienced teams are easy to work with and will help guide you to the exact retrofit light kit you need for your space. Whether you’re looking for LED retrofit kits for recessed lighting or another option, we know the best way to optimize your systems with the most versatile and efficient technology available today. 

We are proud to serve numerous customers in the healthcare, EDUCATIONAL, government and industrial sectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative and simplified commercial LED retrofits to our clients, with an emphasis on exceptional customer service at every level. When you choose to work with us, you’ll receive the best from start to finish.

LED Luminaires

A luminaire provides you with a complete lighting unit that can be installed anywhere in your facility. Not only do LED luminaires consume far less electricity than traditional fixtures, but they also last considerably longer than other types of bulbs. This means you’ll spend less time and money maintaining them while reducing your environmental footprint.

As the leader in comprehensive illumination solutions, Litetronics is your go-to luminaire lighting company for whatever type of light you need. We provide you with our full expertise in luminaire light fixtures, ranging from strips to high bay fixtures. Our LED indoor luminaires give you full, bright light while also saving you a significant amount on your energy bills.


At Litetronics, we strive to make the process of selecting and installing these commercial LED luminaires as easy and worry-free as possible. No other luminaire company in the industry has the in-house knowledge and dedication to customer service that we offer. Our experienced team will guide you to the best luminaire lighting solution for your facility, whether you’re starting from scratch or considering LED retrofit kits for your existing fixtures.

Our customer base is diverse and extensive, representing health care, governmental, educational and industrial facilities. No matter the situation, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems for our clients. We provide them with innovative, efficient lighting solutions delivered with exceptional service from start to finish. If you’re ready to learn more about our products, service and competitive edge, get in touch with us today for a quote or to make an appointment.

LED High Bay Fixtures

Illuminating a large, open space such as a warehouse, gymnasium or production floor requires fixtures that can provide bright, even light. With a wide selection of LED high bays to fit a variety of applications, Litetronics is your go-to source for these fixtures. Our wide range of products and extensive in-house knowledge make us the ideal high bay company to deliver energy-efficient solutions for all your commercial lighting needs. Whether you need lamps for a fieldhouse, commercial kitchen or distribution center, we can meet your precise requirements.


Our high bay LED lights are available in many different housings to suit your needs. These include standard round and linear models as well as more specialized products. For example, our LED NSF high bay fixture is ideal for food service applications as it eliminates crevices and exposed hardware that can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. With its powerful lighting capabilities, this high bay is an ideal replacement for lamps in areas where contamination is a concern.

No matter what type of configuration you choose, you will enjoy the benefits delivered by all our LEDs. Their lower energy consumption means significant savings on your utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint. Their longevity and durable construction saves you time and money on maintenance and upkeep.


The LED T8 Bypass Lamps run directly on line voltage, eliminating the ballast and any ballast compatibility issues.  They also avoid power loss caused by the ballast and maintenance issues related to ballast life.


Litetronics has a wide selection of LED and non-LED light bulbs currently available. We supply LED tube bulbs for use in commercial offices and classrooms as well as HIGH BAY LED light bulbs for illuminating warehouses and other large-scale spaces. We’re also the best place to find lights for use in specialized applications. For example, we carry a large inventory of LED bulbs for ENCLOSED FIXTURES typically used in grid ceilings, parking garages and environments that feature harsh conditions. No matter what the setting calls for, we have the LED ceiling light bulbs that can handle the job and provide numerous benefits over traditional alternatives.

Perhaps the most significant advantage offered by LEDs is their energy efficiency. Because commercial LED light bulbs consume only a fraction of the electricity of incandescent and fluorescent lights, your facility can lower your utility bill and reduce your environmental footprint. LEDs also are much more durable and burn out less frequently, which means you’ll spend less time and money replacing them. And because they come in a wider range of color temperatures, their illumination contributes to a more comfortable environment and is easier on the eyes.

We make it cost-effective to find the new and RETROFIT LED bulbs that are right for your operation with a special “name your price” promotion. Make us an offer to get a deal you won’t find anywhere else. Take advantage of the benefits LED technology offers as well as our extensive expertise and fast, responsive service. Our selection, know-how and capabilities make us the ideal place to source these bulbs for your facility.