Larson Electronics Solar Powered Generator - 12 Kilowatt Max Output - 120/240 Volts AC - Trailer Config.

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Made in America Compliant The SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator from Larson Electronics is a towable power generation unit powered and charged by solar arrays containing 36 Kyocera high efficiency, multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. This unit offers 120- 240 VAC, 12 kilowatt max output, quiet standalone operation, and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation. This 12 kilowatt solar powered generator recharges 8 Sun Xtender Batteries which power 2 Outback Power System inverters to supply 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amp, 240V AC, and 240V AC for operating tools, lighting and other electrical equipment. This unit also provides 12V DC current which it makes available via a jumper cable connection, USB connection, and a convenient cigarette lighter connection port. Max output is 12 kw with a constant output of 6.8 kw for four hours or 4.5 kw for eight hours. Compared to an everyday diesel unit, this new solar panel can save the operator thousands in just a few months. Taking into consideration that an average diesel power generator unit costs approximately 6,000 dollars a month to run and maintain; the SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator could pay for itself in just a few short months by removing the need for refueling. This solar power generator is designed to provide 120-240 VAC power for a wide variety of applications and is ideal for the Larson Electronics range of 110-120V lighting products. 12V DC capability allows users to connect low voltage 12 volt DC LED lighting, spotlights, and electronics as well without the need for additional hardware. Especially in situations such as entertainment events, work areas and other applications where the equipment must be placed close to the benefactors, the elimination of noise and fumes typically associated with diesel generators is a great benefit. Finally, solar power generators offer a low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel powered generators that often require a qualified diesel mechanic to maintain and/or repair them. This solar powered generator consists of a 9` long, trailer, 12 photovoltaic modules, 2 inverters and 8 batteries. Generator: 12 Kyocera high efficiency multi-crystal photovoltaic (PV) modules, designed in an array of 6 panel arrays. Control Panel: Our integrated power panels are equipped with 120 volt and 240 volt receptacles with easy access breakers. All components meet or exceed UL standards. 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amp, 240V AC - 240V AC, 12V DC - Jumper cable connection - USB connection - Cigarette lighter connection. Batteries: Sun Xtender Batteries are the original AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Technology, with deep cycle, sealed, maintenance free, high density plate technology providing high reliability, power and extended life cycle. Inverter: Solar powered generator trailer includes two Outback Power System inverters. Industry leading analysts believe that the Outback Power System inverter offers the most advanced technology for off-grid or backup PV applications. Trailer: Length: 9` Height: 6` Width: 5` 10". Each trailer is equipped with a recessed LED lighting system with internal wiring. They are also outfitted with stainless steel non-rusting vents and flush mounted stainless steel locking hardware. The trailers also feature custom wheels with 7000 pound capacity axles, electric brakes, battery box and switch and leaf springs slipper. 7K drop jack, 3/8 X 30” safety chains with S-hooks. 2-5/16” adjustable coupler/hitch. 7 way RF trailer plug. Transport and Positioning: This solar power generator includes a patent pending array that allows for secure and compact transport of solar panels as you take the trailer to your destination. This same configuration allows for fast and sturdy deployment of solar panels for any environment. The solar panel array is controlled by a single linear actuator moved by a toggle switch on the trailer’s control panel. This enables the operator to control and adjust the position the solar panels with minimal effort to collect the most sunlight. Benefits: No sound. No fumes. No messy or expesive fuel. No thermal footprint. Quick easy setup. Instant Reliable Power. Low maintenance. Options: Milspec connectors. Run Flat Tires. Back up 8kw diesel generator. Specifications / Additional Information SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator Features Power: 8-Sun Xtender AGM Deep Cycle Batteries Fully Solar, No Fuel Needed Generator: 12 Module Kyocera Photvaltaic Panels Dual Axle Trailer Efficiency: 100% Solar Power, no fuel 12kw Max Output Total Current: 12 Kilowatt Max Output 120-240-VAC -12 VDC Output Noise Level: Silent Long Life Batteries Mounting: 9 Foot Dual Axle Trailer Constant Output: 6.8 kw for 4 Hrs or 4.5 kw for 8 Hrs. Output Voltages: 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amp, 240V AC, , 12VDC Inverter: Total of 2 Outback Power System Inverters Connection: 120 VAC - 240 VAC receptacles - Breaker Protected Special Orders- Requirements Trailer: Length:9` Height: 6` Width: 5` 10" Contact us for special requirements Toll Free: 888-325-4448 E-mail: [email protected] Scroll Down to Purchase