HCI Lighting F154 Pendants

HCI Lighting

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HCI Lighting F154 Pendants

The F154 Series luminaire shall consist of an injection-molded UV stabilized globe, a spun aluminum hood assembly, an aluminum cage, an internal optical system and a mechanically fastened slip fitter (capital). The aluminum cage shall consist of eight cast aluminum struts and a cast aluminum ring jig-welded together. The cage shall be mechanically fastened to an extruded aluminum slip fitter with three stainless steel socket set screws. The fitter shall house a ballast assembly, which shall feature quick disconnect plugs for easy maintenance. The ballast shall be factory wired, tested and mounted on a keyholed cast aluminum plate together with a 4kV porcelain socket. Lamps are not included and shall be supplied by others. All electrical components shall be UL listed and labeled.