Downlight Residential

The ProLED Select Gimbal Downlight Series provides a high-performing solution for all retrofit downlighting projects. This fixture makes directional lighting simple, offering the ability to adjust the beam direction up to 25° and rotate it 355° to meet your ideal lighting requirements. Combine this with five Selectable Color Temperatures and you have one of the most versatile downlights on the market.





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Halco's ProLED Slim Downlight Series

The ProLED® Select Slim Downlight Series provides a high performing, ultra-slim, modern solution for new construction and retrofit downlighting projects. It offers the ability to select between 5 color temperatures which essentially reduces 30 products down to just 6 SKU's. This innovative product is available in both round and square, 4 inch and 6 inch housings with three different lumen outputs to make this one of the most versatile residential downlights on the market.