Edisun Grow Lights

Edisun Grow Lights: A Brief History

Edisun Grow Lights is a leading provider of LED grow lights, known for its high-quality, energy-efficient products designed specifically for indoor and greenhouse growing. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing innovative grow light solutions for farmers, growers, and home gardeners. Over the years, Edisun has established itself as a trusted and reliable brand in the industry, offering a wide range of products and unmatched customer service.

Product Categories

LED Grow Lights

Edisun's core product is LED grow lights, which come in a variety of sizes, colors, and wattage options to meet the specific needs of growers. These grow lights are designed to mimic the natural spectrum of sunlight and provide a full range of light that supports the growth and development of plants. They also offer a number of features, including customizable light intensity, energy efficiency, and long lifespan.

Lighting Accessories

In addition to LED grow lights, Edisun also offers a range of lighting accessories, including hangers, timers, and cooling systems. These products are designed to help growers get the most out of their grow lights, providing a complete and optimized lighting setup.

Industries and Applications

Edisun's products are widely used in a variety of industries and applications, including:

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Edisun Grow Lights

Edisun Grow Lights are manufactured by C&M Lighting, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality LED solutions for over 20 years. We support the commercial and home grower with a simplified product line at affordable prices coupled with unparalleled service. Let Edisun light your way to extraordinary growth and ROI.

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