American Electric Lighting

American Electric Lighting

American Electric Lighting by Acuity Brands

History of American Electric Lighting

American Electric Lighting, a subsidiary of Acuity Brands, is a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions for a variety of applications. Founded in the late 19th century, the company has a rich history of providing high-quality, durable lighting products for over 120 years. Today, American Electric Lighting continues to lead the industry with their innovative designs and advanced technologies.

Product Categories

Lighting and Electrical Components

American Electric Lighting offers a wide range of lighting and electrical components to meet the needs of their customers. Their product line includes LED lighting, emergency and exit lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, and specialty lighting products.

Industries and Applications

American Electric Lighting products can be seen in a variety of industries and applications, including commercial, industrial, and residential. Their products are specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual industry, providing superior performance and reliability.

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Commercial Lighting Applications

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