Larson Electronics Wireless Remote Control Dual Beam Searchlight - Anodized Aluminum Housing

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The Wireless Remote Control Dual Beam Searchlight is a heavy-duty, motorized remote control search light.It`s rugged anodized and painted aluminum housing prevents corrosion. The Dual Beam searchlight contains two powerful halogen bulbs giving it the output of 200,000 candlepower. When mounted, the searchlight can continuously turn 360 degrees. The Wireless remote control dual beam searchlight has a vertical range is 27 degrees in total. Nine from the center line to full up and 18 from center line to full down. The dual beam searchlight has two different speeds; a FAST and SLOW mode marked by a Tortoise for slow and a Hare for fast. The Dual Beam Searchlight allows it`s operator to quickly and simply switch from a flood to a spot beam. Not only does it give you these two options, but allows the operator to choose from any option in between as well. Endless Rotation: Due to the fact that the RCL200-RF is wireless, it has a unique mounting base, and it`s internal spindle, the Wireless Remote Control Dual Beam Searchlight has an endless rotational feature. What this means is that the operator can keep turning the Dual Beam Spotlight in either direction and it will never stop, however, when kept in one certain position, the light will lock and no unwanted movement will occur. Specifications:Voltage: 12V or 24V DCCurrent: 10 @ 12V; 5 @ 24VBulb Configuration: 55W HalogenNumber of Bulbs: 2Candle Power: 200,000Weight: 6lbs.Ambient Operating Temperature: -50¡C to +65¡C