Larson Electronics *RENTAL* LED Blasting Light-Flood Light - Magnet Mount-Polyurethane-25' 6/3 Cord-5400 Lumen-90 watt

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MADE IN THE USA ***This unit is for rentals*** Portable, magnetic mount LED flood light with three 30 watt (90 watts total) lamps and a total of 300 pounds of magnetic grip. Large carrying handle enables the operator to easily carry and attach this flood light on any ferrous (steel, metal) surface. Molded polyurethane construction is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This floodlight is abrasive and chemical resistant. The polyurethane fixture can be washed, cleaned and even decontaminated after use. Originally designed for tank cleaning and tank blasting applications, this heavy duty back light can operate on etiher 120-240VAC setting, a 24 VDC setting, or a 12 Volt setting. High voltage implementation is not appropriate for wet area use. Low voltage implementation is suitable for wet area use. The light frame is made from molded polyurethane, which encapsulates the two 4.5 inch diameter, 150 pound grip magnetic bases and three 30 watt, smooth surface, LED PAR 38 flood lights. The polyurethane encapsulation protects mounting surface from scratching by magnetic bases. The polyurethane absorbs shock, protecting the lamps and is impervious to rust, abrasives, chemicals and corrosion. The portable, magnetic mount flood light ships with three 30 Watt smooth surface LED lamps. This light has industrial grade, smooth surface lens LED bulbs that have a 50,000 life hour expectancy all while producing 5400 lumen. A special seal is provided to create a water tight seal between the socket and the bulb inside the fixture. The supporting lens ring is easily removed and attached, enabling the operator to quickly and easily service the lamps, even with gloves on. • Polyurethane construction eliminates the need for a ground wire. • Silicone gasket seals socket eliminating potential shorting caused by airborne metallic dust and moisture. • Large grips for secure handling, even with gloves. • Polyurethane housing provides superior lamp protections guards against breakage from rough handling and vibration. • Fixture is designed to ventilate heat away from the light for ease of handling. • Suitable for all temperatures. • 2 industrial capacity 5.25 inch diameter magnets, encapsulated in polyurethane for protection of the magnet base and any surface it is mounted to. Each magnet has 150 pounds of magnetic grip, for a total of 300 pounds of magnetic grip. This enables the operator to "stick" this light to any ferrous (steel, iron, etc) surface. • Uses LED Par 38 fixtures in flood configuration. Smooth surface, LED Flood lamps are suitable for wet applications for low voltage versions ONLY. This fixture is not appropriate for wet areas in the high voltage applications. • Weighs 16 pounds with cord. Dimensions: 16.5" L X 12" H X 9.5" W • Includes 25 foot, industrial grade 6/3 cord that is _ inch thick. SOOW cable is oil, chemical and abrasion resistant and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use to -58 degrees. Rentals: In an effort to cut back on contracts and various other paper work, Larson Electronics processes rentals like purchases until the product is returned. (Rent to Own Rates) This means, we will charge the customer for the product total and credit back the difference once the fixture is returned. Weekly and Monthly terms are available. Customer must pay shipping to and from the destination. Please contact us at (903) 498-3363 for further information if required. Rental Prices for the RNT-WAL-M-3X30-LED-120 Monthly...$208.00 USDWeekly...$139.00 USDSubtract rental cost from total cost for the amount that will be credited back to customer upon return of product. Customer can choose to convert their rental to a purchase at any time during the rental period. When returned, deductions will also be made for shipping, repairs, and excessive cleaning, if needed.