Larson Electronics Battery Powered Strobe Light - Heavy Duty Hazard Flashing Lights - RED/AMBER - HDFL-AR

Larson Electronics

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Made in the USA The Larson Electronics HDFL-AR Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount Beacon is battery powered and provides 50 hours of operation on a single set of 4 AA batteries. This Beacon is 100% portable and provides a highly effective alternative to beacons that require wiring and special permanent mounting. This particular unit has a two color lens, with red on one side and amber on the other. This beacon/warning/hazard light contains a lamp assembly that produces a brilliant signal that is visible over 1 mile away. This beacon is amber in color on one side and red on the other, and is 100% portable, with a weighted base, 70 lbs grip magnetic mount, and battery operation that allows it to be operated wherever a powerful beacon is needed. The magnetic base can be attached to any ferrous surface, allowing it to be used as a tow hazard light, work warning light, strobe light, roadside hazard beacon and in other similar applications. With no need for wiring or external power sources, this light is ideal for applications where a signal light is needed on an occasional or temporary basis. The HDFL-AR beacon is waterproof and resistant to shocks and vibrations. The durable housing and lens is designed to provide high strength and visibility as well as versatile placement. Operation of this unit is controlled by a simple rocker switch located on the side of the housing. Dimensions for this beacon are 4.5 inches in diameter by 8.5 inches high. This strobe is visible for for over 1 mile, and runs for 50 hours on a single set of 4 AA batteries. The durability, portability and high power of this LED beacon make it ideal for towing, trailers, security, work areas, roadside emergencies, warehouses, and anywhere a fast and simple beacon solution with plenty of power is needed. Specifications / Additional Information HDFL-AR Strobing Beacon Features Lamp Type:Strobe 100% Portable Dimensions: 4.5" Diam 8.55" Height 2.5" Depth Waterproof / Shock Resistant Lamp Weight: 1 lbs Battery Powered Voltage: N/A 4 AA Batteries Strobe Operation Wiring: None- Battery Powered Red/Amber Lens Lighting Configuration: Strobing Flash Mounting: 70 lbs Grip Magnetic Mount Special Orders- Requirements Contact us for special requirements Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Fax: 1-903-498-3364 E-mail: [email protected] 1 year warranty replacement on this LED light (or LED bulbs for light fixtures with removable LED bulbs). After 30 days, the customer ships the failed LED light and/or LED bulb to Larson Electronics at their expense. If the failure is a manufacturer defect, we will ship a new replacement to the customer. If failure occurs within 30 days of receipt, Larson Electronics will provide a return label via email to the customer. When the failed light is returned, we will ship a new replacement. Scroll Down to Purchase