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Larson Electronics 1964 Ford THUNDERBIRD Post mount spotlight - 5 inch - 50W Halogen - Passenger side WITH install kit

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1964 Ford THUNDERBIRD Post mount spotlight - 5 inch - 50W Halogen - Passenger side WITH install kit Operation: Operator controls rotation and elevation of spotlight outside of vehicle by twisting and turning a handle on the inside of the vehicle. Operator remains protected from the elements and can position the beam quickly and easily. The beam remains where the operator places it until the handle is moved. Format: 5 inch round spun steel housing with chrome coating Colors: Available in Chrome only Shaft: Stainless steel with triple plate chrome coating Handle: Rubberized Handle - newer models after 1975 are black and older pre-1980 models are ivory white - a "-U" in the part number denotes the vintage ivory handle models Switch: Thumb activated toggle on the top rear of the handle Voltage: Available in 12 Volt, 50 Watt Lens Type: Sealed beam with glass lens Beam Type: Spot beam Beam Length: 225 feet projection Bulb Type: 50 Watt halogen Candlepower: Industrial candlepower: 100,000 Retail Candlepower: 750,000 Click here for more information on industrial and retail candlepower ratings Electrical: Single positive lead from handle connects to vehicle power. Grounded via mounting kit to vehicle chassis Amp draw: 4.8 amps on 12 volts. Special Features: Vintage models, prior to 1975, include special ornamental housing additions. Vintage models are denoted with a "-U" in the part number. More Information: More information on the Post Mount Spotlight 5 inch with 50 Watt Bulb Mounting options include (depends on year, make and model of vehicle, see product description for specific mounting location): Post mount spotlights are the most common installation options, with the mounting going through the A-pillar running alongside the windshield. The A-pillar is the metal frame on the side of the windshield. Inside post mount spotlights are common in late model vehicles, but the installation requires more time as one must drill through the A-pillar and cut a small notch in the forward window support of the door. Both inside post mount lights and post mount lights are mounted in the A-pillar. The difference is the angle of the light. Door mount lights are mounted in the door. The door mount spotlight is an easy installation but the spotlight will move with the door when the door is opened and closed. While this isn’t suitable for most police patrol cars, most other operators find the door mount acceptable. In many cases, a particular make and model vehicle will not have a post mount spotlight option because the A-pillar is too small, but usually these vehicles have a door mount and a inside post mount option. Please click on the link below to see pictures of the different mounting positions. Please click here to see illustrations of these and other post mount spotlight mounting options