Larson Electronics 100 Watt Pilot House Control Search Light - 12V DC - Continuous Sweep - Manual Tilt/Rotation

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The BL-RFM-100W-12V from Larson Electronics is a roof mounted pilot house controlled searchlight. This 100 watt pilot house control light operates on 12V DC and features a continuous sweep, or manual movement, ideal for marine navigation, search and rescue missions and other marine applications. The BL-RFM-100W-12V is a 100 watt search light with 250,000 beam candle power that can reach distances up to 5/8ths of a mile. The 7 inch lamp head can be manually controlled through both tilt and rotation with an attached lever handle. The lamp can be tilted 70 degrees and rotated up to 380 degrees. For long term searches and scans of the water, this search light can be set up for continuous back and forth sweep. This pilot house control light is constructed of a choice of chrome plated, or white powder coated brass with tin plated electrical contacts and wiring. The housing is corrosion resistant and splash proof, and has a sealed beam. This marine search light is a roof mounted unit for ceilings up to 5 inches thick. Applications: This pilot house control search light is ideal for marine applications including search and rescue missions, coast guard, harbor patrol, marine navigation, and any other marine applications that require a light safety aid or signal. Specifications / Additional Information BL-RFM-100W-12V Pilot House Control Search Light BL-RFM-100W-12V Features Voltage: 12V DC CE Certified Watts: 100 Continual Sweep Mode Beam Candle Power: 250,000 Manual Tilt & Rotation Vertial/Horizontal Movement: 70 degrees/380 Degrees Corrosion Resistant, Splash Proof Mounting: Permanent Roof Mount Suitable For Wet or Damp Locations Housing: Chrome Plated or White Powder Coated Brass Wiring: Tin Plated Electrical Contacts and Wiring Special Orders- Requirements Dimensions: 24" L x 7" Dia Contact us for special requirements Weight: 13 Lbs Toll Free: 888-325-4448 Intl: +1-214-616-6180 E-mail: [email protected] Scroll Down to Purchase