Echoflex Solutions RTS Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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ECHO-RTS Temperature and Humidity Sensors
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Echoflex Solutions RTS Temperature and Humidity Sensors

RTS temperature/humidity sensors are wireless, self-powered indoor sensors that feature excellent transmission range; advanced diagnostics and efficient solar power utilization. These sensors are designed to operate on a full charge for days in total darkness. The RTS sensors are in the class of the most technically advanced in the wireless controls industry.

RTS models options offer variations of temperature only, temperature set point, relative humidity, occupancy override, and fan speed. The RTS works in conjunction with Echoflex's Base Board Controller or the Echoflex thermostat to control heating equipment. Many RTSÕs can be used to average temperature control of large spaces. LED indication of radio range confirmation and solar energy harvesting level evaluation are standard features. (Range confirmation requires F series of controller, 902 MHz only)

The RTS Temperature/Humidity sensor advanced features include:

  • temperature accuracy of 0.5F/0.3C
  • relative humidity accuracy of 3%
  • operates in low light