Echoflex Solutions CO2 Sensor

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ECHO-CO2 Sensor
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Echoflex Solutions CO2 Sensor

EchoflexÕs RCT-1H-UW CO2 Sensor is a wireless, self-powered indoor sensor that provides accurate monitoring of CO2, temperature, and relative humidity. It is designed for commercial facilities and works with common BEMS systems so they can run HVAC systems more efficiently.

The RCT-1H-UW is easily calibrated in ambient air and has an integrated self-calibration feature. It also has a built-in absolute pressure sensor that corrects the CO2 reading for altitude. The current CO2 level can be displayed at the sensor via LED indication.

Like all Echoflex gear, the RCT-1H-UW CO2 sensor features excellent transmission range, advanced diagnostics, and efficient solar power utilization. The sensor is designed to hold a full charge and operate even after days in total darkness.

Product Features:
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.5F/0.3C
  • Relative humidity accuracy of 3%
  • Operates in low light