Spring Lighting Group HCL 480 G1 HVU 5K Compact High Bay, 360W, 48600Lm, Medium Beam, 347-480V Input, 5000K, White

Spring Lighting Group

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HCL 480 G1 HVU 5K
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The HCL Compact Linear High Bay gives full performance in half the size. This compact high bay weighs less than the competition and lasts twice as long, while providing the same high lumen output as a full-sized linear high bay. The small but sturdy HCL offers superior thermal performance and glare control. Eco-friendly contractor packaging makes installation even faster while reducing packaging waste and labor. Coming in lumen packages ranging from 12,200 to 60,500 lumens, the HCL is suitable for several commercial, retail, and institutional applications.

APPLICATIONSCommercial, retail, and institutional applications