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Ev Charging Transformer
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MGM Transformer Company Ev Charging Transformer

Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure must be developed rapidly to keep up with the expected exponential growth of electric vehicles over the next several years.Ê

MGM provides custom built dry type transformers for the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging industry, designed by industry leading, experienced, engineers for the unique requirements of EV charging stations. Our people, knowledge, and experience can provide a reliable, cost-effective transformer that will provide years of trouble-free service.

MGM can design and deliver transformers for all levels of charging (level 1-4), autos if required and multiple secondary windings with complex impedance requirements. MGM has supplied to Tesla, Power flex and other major players in the EV charging area. Additional design considerations like high harmonic handling capacity, power quality and local ambient conditions play a major role and MGM has complied with various stringent specifications as required by consultants, local and state laws.

  • DOE 2016 Efficiency Compliant
  • UL 506, UL 1561 Listed
  • Aluminum or Copper Windings
  • 60 Hz
  • Electrostatic Shield
  • Min. 60 dB Common Mode Noise Attenuation (Single shield)
  • 150¡C Temperature Rise
  • ANSI C57.12.01
  • Seismically Certified per ASCE/SEI 7-05
  • OSHPD OSP Pre Approval

  • 10KVA to 10MVA
  • Product offerings in both dry type and liquid filled to meet your specific demands.
  • 220¡C Nomex insulation for Dry-Type Transformers
  • Self-Cooled or Forced Air Cooled
  • Low Voltage or Medium Voltage solutions

Level 1: Uses onboard car charger at 120V | 2-5 miles per hour of charging

Level 2: Uses onboard car charger at 240V or 208V, up to 80A but typically at 30A | 10-11 miles per hour of charging

Level 3: Creates DC from 240V or 480V single or three phase sources | 50-100 miles per hour of charging

Level 4: Creates DC from 240V to 800V single or three phase sources | 170+ miles per hour of charging | 350 kW units can charge for 200 miles in 15 minutes

  • High Harmonics: Depending on charger architecture, a charger may present harmonic loadcurrents to the transformer. For chargers that present a significant harmonic load we recommend that a K-factor rated transformer be considered. Depending on the harmonic
    spectrum, a K-factor in the range of K=4 to K=9 is usually required.
  • Power Quality: National standards put limits on the amount of charger harmonics that maybe transmitted through the transformer to the power line. This harmonic transmission canbe reduced by transformers with multiple, phase shifted, secondary windings; electrostatic shields; and harmonic mitigating, zig-zag, windings.
  • Local Environmental Conditions: If a transformer is installed in a non-temperature controlled area, 80¡C or 115¡C temperature rise units can contend with high ambient temperatures.Ê Enhanced type NEMA 3R enclosures can be used if horizontally blowing rain or snow are a concernÊ
  • Safety: Units should be installed in areas that are not accessible to the general public. If that is not possible, additional options can be considered including tamper resistant hardware, hinged and lockable enclosures or non-ventilated enclosures. Local Electrical codes may require bollards or other features to protect transformers from vehicle damage. Transformers also should not be installed near water lines, water drains, etc., which could direct water onto the enclosure if broken
  • Low Site Voltage: Use integral taps or buck-boost transformers to adjust the voltage input to the transformer