Larson Electronics *RENTAL* Explosion Proof LED Light - Pedestal Mount - 30 Watt LED - 100' Cord w/ Hazlo Plug

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Made in the USA This unit is for rentals. Please scroll down for rental rates The RNT-EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 Explosion Proof LED Light is UL Listed Class 1 Groups C and D, and is rated for use in wet and marine environments. The waterproof construction and LED lamp used with this unit provides operators with excellent power and light quality coupled with high versatility and excellent durability. The RNT-EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 Pedestal Mounted Explosion Proof Light provides 1,500 square feet of work area coverage with 2,200 lumens of light output. The 30 watt LED lamp in this unit produces more illumination than a 150 watt halogen lamp, runs cooler, lasts far longer, and produces better color rendering and object contrast. This portable unit is waterproof and tested to 500 hours of salt spray exposure in accordance with MIL-F-8115C Military Specifications. 53` container no illumination EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 With the EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 This portable explosion proof LED light fixture is comprised of a 30 watt LED equipped light head mounted atop a circular pedestal base. The entire unit is fabricated from cast aluminum and is factory sealed and water tight. This unit requires no external seals, has a built in carrying handle, and the light head can be adusted through 135¡ of vertical movement. The yoke is formed of high strength aluminum alloy, the lens is thermal shock and impact resistant glass, and the entire housing is formed of cast aluminum with an aluminum enamel coating. The 30 watt LED lamp in this unit is a PAR38 design and produces more lumens than a 150 watt halogen lamp. At 5500k color, the light from this unit is bright white in contrast to the yellowish hue of the standard halogen incandescent bulb. The operating temperature of this LED explosion proof light is approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the the 198 degrees operating temperature of the 300 watt incandescent version. This makes the light easier to handle and move and doesn`t create additional heat in smaller, confined spaces. Additionally, the LED lamp in this unit has a far longer operational life at up to 50,000 hours as compared to the 600-100 hours for a standard halogen lamp. This greatly reduces the costs associated with frequently replacing lamps and servicing. Included with this unit is 100 feet of 16/3 SOOW (abrasive and oil resistant) cord ending in an ECP 1523 5-15P explosion proof straight blade plug connector. This light operates with standard 120 volts AC current. This unit is also available in 220/240 volts 50/60 hz, 12 volts DC, or 24 volts DC configurations. THE 12 and 24 VDC models are designed to run off of 12VDC or 24VDC directly. THERE IS NO INLINE TRANSFORMER or plug with the 12 or 24Volt DC configuration. Please see the EPL-PM-1X30LED-120X12I-100 for a 12 volt explosion proof light that operates off of 120 volts or 240 volts with inline step down transformer. This lamp is extremely rugged and ideal for use in marine evnvironments where damage due to salt water spray and dampness is an issue. Made in the USA Quality 1. Thick cast aluminum construction.2. Thermal shock and impact resistant glass lens.3. Aluminum alloy yoke.4. High stability round pedestal base..5. Factory sealed, no external seals required.6. 500 hour salt-spray tested. Per MIL-F-8115C.7. Low Maintenance.8. LED lamp lasts longer, provides more light using less power, and creates less heat.9. Explosion proof cord and plug included..10. Included carrying handle. Specifications / Additional Information RNT-EPL-PM-1X30LED-100 UL and CSA Certified UL Listing: United States/Canada Class 1 Groups C and D Dimensions: 12"-Diam Base 16.75"-H 13.9"-Depth UL Standard: UL 1598, UL 844 Weight: 28 Lbs UL Listed: E10794 Total Watts: 30 500 hour salt-spray tested. Per MIL-F-8115C Voltage:Standard 120V-50hz- 220/240 Volts, 12 VDC, 24 VDC Optional Lamp Lumens: 2,200 Lamp Type: PAR38 LED Mounting: Aluminum Circular Pedestal Base Wiring: 100 feet SOOW Cord ECP 1523 Explosion Proof Plug Operating Temp Range: T3C Rated Special Orders- Requirements LED Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours Contact us for special requirements LED Color Temp: 5500K Toll Free: 888-325-4448 LUX: @ Lens-53,500 @ 1 Meter-1,950 Rental Type: Monthly, Weekly, Daily E-mail: [email protected] Rentals: In an effort to cut back on contracts and various other paper work, Larson Electronics processes rentals like orders until the product is returned. This means, we will charge the customer for the product total and credit back the difference once the fixture is returned. Weekly and Monthly terms are available. Customer must pay shipping to and from the destination. Please contact us at (903) 498-3363 for further information if required. Rental Prices for the RNT-EPL-PM-1X30LED-100;Monthly...$204.00 USDWeekly...$122.00 USD Same Day Shipping Available. Scroll Down to Purchase-