Larson Electronics Explosion Proof Fluorescent Drop Light w/ Exp. Proof Cord Reel - Class I, Div. I - 26 Watts

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Made in the USALarson Electronics EPLFL-26W-P-120-100-HR Hazardous Area Fluorescent Work light and it`s explosion proof reel are both UL Listed Class 1 Division1 Groups C and D and are ideal for close quarter work and inspection activities in hazardous locations requiring explosion proof protection.***PLEASE NOTE: ANY FREE SHIPPING OFFERS DO NOT APPLY TO THIS HAZARDOUS LOCATION LIGHT FIXTURE*** This 26 watt explosion proof fluorescent work light produces 1800 lumens of fluorescent illumination and comes complete with an explosion proof cord reel with spark proof ratchet mechanism. The EPLFL-26W-P-120-100-HR fluorescent drop light uses a compact fluorescent bulb to produce light which removes the need for an inline ballast assembly. The lamp body is constructed of high strength plastic and aluminum which helps to reduce weight and improve durability.This hazardous location hand lamp is Class 1, Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 hazardous location environment approved. The non sparking reel contains this unit’s 100` of SOOW Cord for convenient cord management. This explosion proof reel and fluorescent hand lamp can be installed and used within the hazardous location area making it ideal for hazardous work areas where a ready source of easily managed lighting is desired. Click Photos to Enlarge Click Photos to Enlarge Click Photos to EnlargeThis 26 watt fluorescent light operates on 120 Volt current and is suitable for use in areas where petrochemical vapors and various dusts are present. The lamp creates 1,800 lumens of light, roughly equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb as estimated by Sylvania. The bulb is backed with a white reflector which is designed to keep the light out of the operator`s eyes and focus more of the light on the subject area. Fluorescent lights are popular in paint prep, painting and post-paint inspection operations due to the even white color light produced. Incandescent lights tend to create yellowish, shadowy light that confuses the eye and makes it difficult to examine a work area with consistency. The light output, color and evenness of coverage make fluorescent lights popular for a wide variety of close quarter work and inspection activities.This explosion proof hand lamp is relatively easy to relamp. Set screws hold the 2 piece plastic cover in place over the aluminum core. Once the plastic covers are unscrewed, the bulb is revealed. The bulb is encapsulated within a glass dome, which is enveloped by the plastic outer housing. An aluminum ring is screwed into place over the lip of the dome and a o-ring style gasket ensures the seal. Once the glass dome and seal are removed, the operator can replace the 4-pin compact fluorescent bulb. Made in USA QualityLamp Features1. Federal Spec JC-580A Cord.2. Indoor or outdoor use.3. Standard 120 Volt operation.4. Rugged plastic and aluminum construction.5. Sealed Lamps Cover.6. UL Listed Class1 Dv 1, Class 2 Div 17. Lightweight.8. 100` SOOW cable (On Reel)9. UL and CUL Listed.10. 4-Roller Adjustable Cable Guide and Ball Stop11. NTRL Listing (Cord Reel) - Class I, Division 1 & 2 Group D; Class II, Group G.12. NTRL Listing (Cord Reel) - Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB.26 watt fluorescent produces 1800 lumens.Plastic and aluminum housing.Compact fluorescent lamp.No inline ballast to tangle or damage.Glass lamp shield prevents shatteringLamp and glass cover protected by plastic cage.Swivel hook for hanging and hands free operation.Explosion proof Cord & Cord ReelSpecifications / Additional Information EPLFL-26W-P-120-100-HR Hand LampU.L. RatingsUL Listing: United States - CanadaClass 1, Division 1 for Groups C, D Dimensions:L-23 Dia-4"Class 2, Division 1 Groups F, G Lamp Type: Compact FluorescentUL listed U.S. and CanadaTotal Watts: 26 wattsUL Listed Explosion Proof Cord Voltage: Stnd-120V-60hz Reel - UL Listed E193373Total Lumens: 1800Reel - Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIB.Mounting: Non-Sparking Exp. ReelWiring: 100` SOOW Cord terminated within ReelU.L Approval: U.S Certificate Canada CertificateSpecial Orders- RequirementsContact us for special requirements Toll Free: 888-325-4448Intl: 1-903-270-1187This fixture is being remanufactured with cord reel under file number E193373.E-mail: [email protected] Scroll Down to Purchase-