Larson Electronics 10 Watt LED Flood Work Light - Permanent Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket - IP67 Waterproof

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The IL-LED-10W LED Light is ideal for a wide variety of uses including equipment, vehicle, military, law enforcement and industrial manufacturing applications. This heavy duty and compact 10 Watt LED light produces an 800 lumen output with low voltage and amp draw and operates on 10-30 VDC . The IL-LED-10W LED light emitter from Larson Electronics produces 800 lumens of bright light while drawing only 10 watts. Attached to this light is a stainless steel mounting bracket that can be stud mounted or flush mounted and has included hardware for both. This unit is IP67 rated waterproof to 1 meter and is sealed against ingress dust and dirt. This photo shows a long dark street with no illumination but distant suburban lighting. This image shows the LED10W-9S illuminating the street. Heat Management: Heat is the single largest factor in premature LED failure and color shifting. As a result, many manufacturers reduce the output of their LEDs to reduce the amount of heat produced. These LED light bars utilize an extruded aluminum housing that incorporates an advanced heat radiating design which dissipates heat efficiently to produce the maximum amount of power and longevity. The end result is more light and longer LED life with higher average lumen maintenance after 25,000 hours. Voltage Control: These units are able to monitor and adjust input current to maintain the correct LED voltage levels regardless of input levels across a specific range. These LED lights can operate on current ranging from 10 to 30VDC without any modifications necessary as a result. This multi-voltage capability makes these units ideal for mobile and stand alone applications such as those found on commercial boats, heavy equipment and vehicles where power systems don’t always operate with 12 volts and external generators, transformers or inverters are impractical. Durability: The IL-LED-10W LED light from Larson Electronics also offer IP67 rated construction that is designed to withstand demanding environmental and operating conditions. These units can withstand frigid temperatures, are waterproof to one meter and resist ingress of dust, dirt and humidity. The housing on this unit is formed from cast aluminum and the lenses are unbreakable polycarbonate. Mounting: 3/8 inch stud mount with adjustable bracket that enables the operator to set the angle. Flush mount hardware is also included. IL-LED-10W 40¡ Flood Beam(Opt) Specifications / Additional Information IL-LED-10W LED Flood Light Features Lamp Type: LED 10-30V DC Operation Dimensions: 2 5/8 "W 2 5/8"-H 2 5/8"-Depth IP67 Rated Waterproof Watts: 10 40¡ Flood Beam Voltage: 10-30 VDC Low Amp Draw Lumens: 800 Mounting: Stud or Flush Mount Bracket Special Orders- Requirements LED Life Expectancy: 25,000 hours Contact us for special requirements Toll Free: 888-325-4448 CE Certified E-mail: [email protected] 1 year warranty replacement on this LED light. After 30 days, the customer ships the failed LED light and/or LED bulb to Larson Electronics at their expense. If the failure is a manufacturer defect, we will ship a new replacement to the customer. If failure occurs within 30 days of receipt, Larson Electronics will provide a return label via email to the customer. When the failed light is returned, Larson Electronics will ship a new replacement. Scroll Down to Purchase-