Flat Panel Lights

Halco’s ProLED Select EdgeLit Panel

Halco’s ProLED Select EdgeLit Panel is the ideal solution where lighting preferences vary from space to space. The EdgeLit Panel Series is Field Selectable, allowing the installer to select both the preferred light output and color temperature (via DIP Switch) on the product driver box.



The benefit of this is that one luminaire can replace 9 SKUs of our regular EdgeLit Panels. Fewer luminaires means less inventory and more efficient job site. At Halco, we only use the highest quality material in our EdgeLit Panel Series design, eliminating the need to worry about yellowing, glare, or drooping after the product is installed.


When applications like Healthcare facilities call for multiple lumen packages and color temperatures, the ProLED Select EdgeLit Panel Series is the ideal solution to simplify BOMs and increase customer satisfaction.





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