Fluke 709H/Track HART Communications Software


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Fluke 709H/Track HART Communications Software

Fluke 709HTrack HART Communications Software performs two key functions.

  1. Allows the 709H mA Loop Calibrator to digitally communicate with a HART device and configure and store about 40 parameters for 20 instruments. Parameters include upper and lower range values, messages, current PV milliamp value, what HART version the unit is on, etc.
  2. Logs data for whatever is being measured. Logged data includes milliamp and PV values of the instrument. The data can be exported to a spreadsheet.

The Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester is the next model in the evolution of the 709H, adding the capability to communicate HART to a valve and perform signature, step, bump, and speed tests. The 710 comes with ValveTrack software which also works on the 709H.