DuraBrite Lights SLM07504D1SW-S White Flood Lights Nano Sport Series

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DuraBrite Lights SLM07504D1SW-S White Flood Lights Nano Sport Series

Now Assembled in New York


DuraBrite fans have been asking for a model that's even smaller and more affordable than the Mini for the utmost versatility and mobility. We at DuraBrite take this seriously and the result is the magnificent Nano!   

Nano Sport is designed by the same world-class team in New York using the best engineering principles, and spec-ing only the finest materials in its class. It is so good it won the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most sought-after and internationally recognized seals of quality for good design.

Don't be fooled by its extremely thin profile at just 1.9" and a featherlike weight of merely 2.1lb, the Nano can pump almost 7,000 lumens all while drawing such little current it leaves the competition scratching their heads. The available on-body dimming function and the spot/flood option will allow you to optimize the exact amount of light to get the job done right.

Departing from our traditional hard-wiring architecture, the Nano Sport comes with a detachable IP67 waterproof plug that allows the user to remove the light and eliminate theft of this highly desirable product. With this architecture, it can be transformed to the up and coming Explorer, the class leading portable lighting, and also the Stack, a powerful light bar replacement.  

The Nano Sport comes with a standard 2 year warranty with extended warranty available for purchase. Get your Nano and join the growing DuraBrite family. We guarantee you will love it!


Nano Sport at a Glance

  • 7,000 raw lumens (approx.)
  • Dimmable (on-body dimmer is an orderable option)
  • Spot at 20 deg beam angle
  • Flood at 80 deg beam angle
  • 12VDC and 24VDC auto detect
  • 3.9A at 12V and 1.9A at 24V
  • 5000K cool white optics
  • 2800K amber optics option available (inquire factory)
  • Marine grade aluminum bracket included
  • IP67 Certified (w/ plug properly installed)
  • Dimensions: 7.0Ó x 5.5Ó x 1.9Ó (with bracket)
  • Weight: 2.3 lb
  • Black or White exterior
  • Designed & Assembled in U.S.A.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


Compatible Models (to be released in 2022)

  • Nano Explorer
  • Nano Stack

* Note:  Production version may have slight differences in design features as advertised.


GTIN for Nano Sport:

SLM07504D1SW-S (white / floodlight) - 00816761021044
SLM07500D1SW-S (white / spotlight) - 00816761021037
SLM07504D1S0-S (black / floodlight) - 00816761021013
SLM07500D1S0-S (black / spotlight) - 00816761021020

SLM07504D1SW-S/D (white / floodlight dimmable) - 00816761021235
SLM07500D1SW-S/D (white / spotlight dimmable) - 00816761021242
SLM07504D1S0-S/D (black / floodlight dimmable) - 00816761021266
SLM07500D1S0-S/D (black / spotlight dimmable) - 00816761021259