CSL Lighting LP3-SFT 3" Round Adjustable Lens Pendant

CSL Lighting

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CSL Lighting LP3-SFT 3" Round Adjustable Lens Pendant.


GyroShiftª Cylinders offer impressive performance and up to 45¡ aiming with infinite rotation. The patented optic system is designed to bring a round beam of light exaclty where needed to illuminate the space with no cut off. It's all the benefits of quality, easy to control lighting from GyroShiftª recessed downlights and mulitples in a modern, customizable cylinder form. Within each cylinder is a stationary LED with a thermally optimized connection to the entire cylinder body which performs as one large heatsink. These versatile cylinders offer media options, precision optics, 21 colors, 4 color temperatures and a refined below the ceiling aesthetic within a compact form factor.

Available Lenses
Linear Spread
Wall Wash
Required Media Holder

Integral Driver Options
ERP Universal Dim Triac ELV 0-10V 10% 120-277V
Lutron Hi-lume¨ 2-Wire 1% 120V
Lutron EcoSystem¨ 5% 120-277V
Lutron Hi-lume¨ Fade-to-Black 1% 120-277V
eldoLED DALI 1% 120-277V
eldoLED 0-10V 1% 120-277V
DMX 1% 120-277V