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Alphalite, Inc., headquartered in Southern California, is committed to developing new technology to improve lighting efficiency, functionality, and quality. Through developments in LED lighting technology, the company delivers lighting that improves end user utility and helps businesses achieve improved performance. By pushing innovation beyond efficacy and price, Alphalite strives to harness the potential of LED technology and deliver human-centric lighting that improves life.

As part of Ka Shui International Group, a publicly-traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Alphalite delivers highly efficient and performance-optimized luminaires. The group has over 5 manufacturing facilities, exceeding 980,000 sq. ft, with over 5,400 employees. Expertise in engineering and manufacturing ensures seamless integration of design and production.

As a leading OEM in consumer and commercial electronics products, the company adds to its portfolio by contributing towards advancements in lighting technology. Alphalite has invested in new lighting technology for high lumen applications with Advanced Plasma Lighting and continues to grow its R&D and engineering group. The organization extends its investment in technology by bringing cutting-edge manufacturing and innovative design to LED Lighting. With a growing team of lighting professionals, Alphalite aims to deliver value-added, application-optimized lighting solutions.

For top-rated Alphalite lighting fixtures and accessories, you are at the right place at Alphalite is well known across the world for its capability and innovation when it comes to lighting solutions. As a leading distributor and provider of Alphalite products, we are proud to provide a whole range of Alphalite lighting fixtures to fulfill your every want.

With an aim to shaping the future of illumination, Alphalite, Inc. was established in Southern California. Committed to enhancing light efficiency, capability, and quality, Alphalite harnesses the power of LED technology to deliver lighting solutions that elevate consumer application and give an improved overall performance for corporations.

Advancing LED Technology

Through advancements in the LED field, Alphalite is revolutionizing the lighting enterprise. By pushing innovation beyond efficacy and costs, Alphalite aims to deliver human-centric lighting that enhances lives and beautifies surroundings. Alphalite ensures seamless integration of layout and production to deliver exceedingly efficient and performance-optimized luminaires. 

Engineering Excellence

With investments in engineering and production, Alphalite lighting guarantees the very best standards of quality and overall performance in every product. There is renewed investment in new lighting technology, which includes Advanced Plasma Lighting which can be used in high-lumen applications. With an expanding R&D and engineering section, the aim is to push the boundaries of what is possible in LED Alphalite lighting fixtures.

Value-Added Solutions

Alphalite understands that each light utility is unique. That's why Alphalite lighting offers a comprehensive variety that is each tailor-made to meet the various expectations of clients. From area lighting to wireless controls, this Alphalite lighting portfolio includes a huge number of products designed to deliver cost-effective, utility-optimized lighting fixture solutions.

Discover the Alphalite Difference

As a top-rated Alphalite distributor and supplier, showcases all premium  Alphalite lighting solutions. Whether you are illuminating outdoor spaces with bollard lights or improving indoor environments with troffer lighting, we've got the suitable Alphalite lighting solution you desire.

Explore Our Product Range

Area Lights: Illuminate massive outside areas with area Alphalite lighting fixtures, delivering advanced brightness and reliability.

Bollard Lights: Add style and functionality to outdoor pathways and walkways with Alphalite bollard lights.

Canopy Lights: Provide dependable illumination for protected regions with cover Alphalite lighting, ideal for fuel stations and carports.

Cords and Plugs: Ensure seamless connectivity and energy distribution with Alphalite cords and plugs.

Downlights: Achieve seamless and fashionable illumination with Alphalite downlights, perfect for residential and commercial settings.

Emergency Battery Backup: Ensure uninterrupted Alphalite lighting throughout electricity outages with emergency battery backups.

Flat Panel Lights: Enhance the visual appeal of any area with Alphalite flat panel lights, offering uniform and glare-free illumination.

Flood Lights: Illuminate outside areas with precision and performance with the Alphalite floodlighting fixtures, best for security and accessory lighting fixtures.

High Bays: Provide effective illumination for high-ceiling environments with high bay Alphalite lighting fixtures, best for warehouses and industrial facilities.

Linear Lights: Achieve glossy and modern-day illumination with linear Alphalite lighting, offering flexible and power-efficient lighting solutions.

Troffer Lights: Illuminate office spaces and commercial settings with troffer Alphalite lighting, delivering advanced performance and reliability.

Tube Lights: Upgrade to energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures with tube Alphalite lighting, which is ideal for retrofitting fluorescent fixtures.

Vapor Tights: Ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments with vapor-tight Alphalite lighting fixtures, which are best for garages and workshops.

Wall Packs: Provide effective outside lighting with Alphalite wall packs, imparting reliable overall performance and durability.

Wireless Controls: Take control of your light gadgets with Alphalite wi-fi controls, taking into account easy customization and automation.

Wraparound Lights: Achieve seamless and uniform illumination with wraparound Alphalite lighting, best for workplaces and commercial spaces.

Shop the Alphalite series at and discover the difference that great innovation and overall performance could make in your area. With Alphalite lighting fixtures, you can light up your world with confidence and style.

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